Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lots on my mind....

I have so much on my mind. Partly, it is just this time of year. It is so fun, it is really my favorite time, but it also has soooo much going on it can be overwhelming. Pair that with living in a different city than my parents and it means I really have a hard time getting things done! I have just ONE gift left to buy for Noah, otherwise his gifts are bought and wrapped. Andy, we have just two more things to buy and I need to wrap his gifts. I have one thing left to get for Josh, but his other gifts are purchased and wrapped. So what does that leave? EVERYONE else. Seriously. We are not sure about the certainty of Josh's job (but in his field of work, there is really never any certainty, so it is not too much different) so I am supposed to make all the presents. So far I have made gifts for Josh's two secretaries, Noah's MDO teacher, and a couple of other small gifts, but I have ALL the grandparents, etc left. I do not know why I procrastinated. Or even if I should call it that! I have had the best of intentions, but two adorable rambunctious little boys and Josh's work schedule have kind of taken over. Sigh. I still have not finished Andy's stocking either. Oops.

Also, next Friday Noah has a follow up appointment with cardiology at Texas Children's for an echo to check on the progress of his PDA post his surgery this past June. I am anxious about that day. The last echo was sedated (which was just horrid, Noah lost all control) and this one is not planned to be sedated. They say a three year old can handle it. I say they are nuts. I so hope to be proven wrong. Noah recalls everything from his surgery in June. Even though he was given medicine to forget. It should be interesting! That following Monday morning he meets with the gastroenterologist to be tested for Celiac. It is routine, just blood work, since it has been six months since he started eating gluten...but I am SO nervous about it. He has had some symptoms, but I think they could just be his body adjusting to the extra fat/grease in the things he has been eating when we eat out that he does not get at home. I think I am most nervous, because I just flat out do not want him to have Celiac. I know we would know how to manage it, but it would be a hard pill to swallow to know I passed it on to him. I also know it takes two genes and that Josh would have had to pass it along also, but being that I am the one with Celiac it would just feel like I was to blame.

On a much lighter, non-complaining note:) Noah is such a sweetheart lately. On the way to dinner, he said to Andy, "Andy, it's okay buddy, don't go to sleep yet, we're almost there!" It was SO cute.

Andy has been running everywhere and really showing that he understands just about everything we say. Noah has a tendency to be kind of rough with Andy and bump into him, which of course really frustrates me and knocks Andy over. SO, smart kid Andy has taken to laying down on his back on the floor when he sees Noah coming. It is like he is saying "You can't knock me down!"

We are still "talking" a lot about going potty but not having much success. Noah did tell me today that the water was "coming" and we hurried to the potty but it was a no go. Hopefully soon that will change!!!

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