Thursday, December 31, 2009

When I am older....

When I am older, in Noah's words...

-I will get Andy out of bed

-I will put things in the fridge

-I will clean dishes

-I will get a Douglas (one of the Thomas trains)

-I will make the remote work

-I will get the food

-I will pick Andy up

-I will open more presents

-I will drive the car

He started saying all of this on our way to church on Sunday! I did not even know he knew the concept of being "older!" Just eight more days until he really is older, Happy Early Birthday my sweet Noah!

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Amanda said...

This is SOOOO sweet!! I love how much detail you have paid to these sweet words from your little 'man'. He will be grown before you know it! People keep telling me that and I shake my head back and forth... NOOOOOOO... I want my boys to be my babies forever!!!

Uh. Maybe that's just me. ;)

Thanks for the sweet words my dear.. you are too kind!