Saturday, March 5, 2011

Target employee saves the day!

Sometimes shopping trips are really fun, sometimes they are something from my worst nightmares, and sometimes they include some really funny moments. Yesterday we needed to go to Target. The boys were very excited, because Target has toys and they like to look! When we got there they wanted the big cart, the kind that has the two seats facing each other in the front. I would rather Andy ride in a normal cart and Noah walk, but they said they would behave, so sometimes all works out fine in that kind of cart, other times, not so much. We started off towards the paper towels and the boys were just being sweet, talking to each other, keeping their feet away from each other (I mean seriously, who thought having their feet face each other is a good idea?!?) We get over by the paper towels and Andy decides he needs to kiss Noah on the arm, over and over again. At first Noah was laughing, then he quickly was annoyed. We asked Andy to stop and he just kept kissing Noah. I asked Noah to get out of the cart and walk, but he was very tired and wanted to ride. Andy said "I walk! I walk!" I decided to try it. Andy really did pretty well. He was a pretty good listener and we got the other couple of things we needed and headed for the check out. At that point I needed them both to sit still in the cart so I could pay, I put them in the cart and they both started whining "He's touching me!" "I want to walk!" "I want to touch that!" etc. etc. At that point I figured they could just whine for another second and check out more quickly, then trying to make them happy, then leave. Then a Target employee comes up, says "Shhhhhh" in a whisper, gives them each a "quiet" sticker and tells them they cannot talk until we get home! Noah started to ask why, but she quickly shushed him again and I finished checking out. They were seriously ridiculously quiet. It was awesome. We pulled in the driveway and Andy decided he could peel off his sticker and proclaimed "We can talk now!" It was hilarious, and awesome too... So Thank You Target lady named Samantha, I hope the visit I had with your manager by phone later today served you well, I really appreciated you today!!!