Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Noah and Mama got crafty!

Noah and I have been getting pretty crafty lately. From coloring, to painting, to making a star for on top of our tree!

He informed me that our tree needed a star. Just like in Polar Express. He was right. But we could not find our star! I refused to go buy another one. We have a perfectly good one. Somewhere. Most probably in storage with the rest of our decorations we accidentally forgot to get when visiting our old city last. Anyways... then I remembered! I had purchased a tin star at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 with intentions to decoupage it.

Instead, Noah and I grabbed some modge podge, adhesive spray and a whole bunch of glitter...

and then we had a pretty sparkly star! I would have taken pictures, but I decided getting glue and/or glitter on/in our nifty camera was not such a good idea. :)

Noah and I also made a paper chain to go all around the tree. I pulled out one of my creative memories curvy paper cutters and would put the paper in place, then Noah would push the thingy (excuse my technical terms:)) and cut the paper. Then we used tape to put them together. We used scrapbook paper and then paper he colored red and green! It was so much fun! He was SO proud of how it looked on the tree!

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Marcy said...

very clever idea. Love the new header!