Monday, February 28, 2011

Snow Flakes!

After our big snow the boys came home and got to see some flakes!  I was overly excited!!!

Noah seeing the snow flakes from the porch!


I was really super cold.  The boys were perfectly content to run up on the porch out of the wind for a minute, then continue running around in the yard.  That seemed to be enough warmth for them!  We had so much fun playing outside, even though it was not even 20 degrees out!!!

MDO Parent Lunch & Program

Josh and I were invited to Noah and Andy’s Mother’s Day Out for a parents lunch and short little program.  I get SO super excited over these things and it did not disappoint.  It was absolutely adorable!

When we first arrived Josh and I found our table which had us seated with the boys.  They had Noah, then me, then Andy, then Josh.  On Josh and my plates were little crafts the boys made for us, along with adorable little tags.


The kids put on adorable performance for us!!!



Andy’s facial expression did not change much throughout the entire program!  He ended up sick that night, so I do not know if that is why he was not participating or if he had stage fright:) 


Noah was quite the little ham!


After the performance a yummy lunch was served!  Salad, lasagna, bread and brownies! The boys really enjoyed the lasagna!!!



Texas Snow!

Having been born and raised in Texas, a ground sticking snow just does not happen often!  The week of our big snow the boys were with my folks at their house, while I frantically cleaned out closets, did laundry, sorted through old toys and prepared for a garage sale, that we thought would not happen, because of the snow!

I seriously purged our house.  The boys closets went from mayhem to a nice place for the things, without needing a hazard sign when the doors were opened.  My closet was rid of all things that do not fit, and the kitchen cabinets were purged of all things either too bulky or just not used!  It felt good! 

The night the snow came Josh and I were like little kids!  We kept running outside in the dark to feel the flakes on our faces.  It was so fun!  We even woke up at 2 in the morning to see if it was still snowing, and it was!  We woke up the next morning to this!  Josh’s work was cancelled, which was awesome, because he had already taken the day off to help me around the house.  We finished up a lot of things, and then even ventured into the garage to work in there for a bit.  BUT then the ice on the driveway started to refreeze and so did my fingertips, so we moved back inside to get more done. 

Saturday morning we woke up to ice and snow still in the grass, but a forecast that looked like it should really warm up.  We set up our garage sale out front, opting instead for a yard sale since our alley was still VERY slippery because it is in the shade.  The awesome thing – we ended up having VERY good business and made almost $500!  We still have a lot to donate, but I refused to let it all come back in the house.  We boxed it all up and this upcoming weekend I am hoping to get Josh to take it all to goodwill.  I have a couple of things to sell on ebay/craigslist, but the rest of it I just want gone!!!  Such a good feeling!  I still have one closet I have not fully tackled, but out of the 6 total, it feels good to have only one left!

Here are the fun pictures we took the morning of the snow!  I was SO very sad the boys missed it, but was thankful to be there with Josh and hopeful the boys would see at least some flakes in the weeks to come (which thankfully they did!)






Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ice Packs or cold snacks?

Most nights we go for walks after dinner. Tonight Noah walked the first quarter mile or so while Andy rode in the stroller. Noah was starting to get tired, so he asked when he could get in the stroller with Andy. I told him he could at the cul de sac. A little while longer he kept asking me something about the cold ice pack. I told him it was home and in the freezer. Josh then started laughing and said, "Noah, what did you say again?" Noah repeated but added a bit and said "Mama said I could get in at the cold ice pack, I am getting tired!" It was SO funny. I loved that he heard cold ice pack instead of cul de sac! Noah got in the stroller and Josh and I walked about a mile and a half and made it back to the cul de sac. We had decided Andy could walk that quarter of a mile back home, in hopes he would be good and worn out and ready or bed! When we approached the cul de sac Andy said, "look Mama, the cold snacks, the cold snacks!" We were really cracking up by then, wondering what the cul de sac might be called next:)

Beautiful Bluebell Birthday Bash

Friday, January 7th we had SO much fun! Noah, Andy, Baby L and I loaded up in our van and headed for Brenham, Texas to the Bluebell factory to meet up with our dear friend Stephanie and her sweet little boy, Peyton. That day was Peyton’s third birthday and it was two days before Noah’s fourth birthday, so we thought a celebration was in order! The boys did SO unbelievably well on the drive and when we go to the factory I fed Baby L and we were good to go for the tour. The kids really seemed to enjoy the tour and were so well behaved, it was fun!

After the tour we got to have yummy ice cream and Baby L got to have his lunch! Noah had cookies in cream, Andy had chocolate, Peyton had strawberry, and they all seemed to really enjoy it. I enjoyed my ice cream, but more than anything really enjoyed getting to visit in person with my friend Steph. I have missed our long walks, scrapbooking sessions, and playtimes since we moved, so it was nice to see her!!!

After ice cream and shopping, it was time to play on the grounds some. The boys had a blast and the Mommy’s had fun taking their pictures:)

The Three Amigos: Noah, born 01/09/07; Peyton, born 01/07/08; Andy born 10/08/08. SO fun for all three to be so close in age!



The Big Blue Eyed Birthday Boy at Bluebell!!!! Happy Birthday Peyton!


Andy decided he was tired and could take a nap!


Our boys and their favorite baby.


Isn’t he the cutest?!? So much fun too!!!!


Our almost four year old!!! He was having so much fun!!!


Our trip home went as well as the trip there! It was such a fun day!!!!



Noah loves sports.  He could hit a ball in the yard for hours, kick a ball in the grass for an entire afternoon, and really loves watching sports.  We enjoyed many baseball games last year and a couple of football games too.  All that being said, I do not think Noah has ever watched a soccer game.  His uncle Chris had been to Spain and brought him back a really cool soccer ball this year, and for his second birthday Chris got him a soccer ball I think in Barcelona – so the interest has been sparked for awhile!  Quite a few of his little school and church friends were going to sign up for soccer, so we asked Noah if he wanted to and he was SO excited about it!

This past Saturday I took Noah shopping for all his gear.  Andy was so sweet at the store and got his own soccer ball too!  Noah did not let me forget a thing!  We needed…

-size 3 soccer ball

-soccer socks

-shin guards



-water bottle

As we maneuvered through the store Noah was keeping a running tab of what we found and what we still needed to get.  It was neat watching him make sure we had everything and helping me find the best price and the right size.  He was unbelievably helpful and the entire time Andy was just so sweet and excited for Noah.  It was a really special trip for me and them, it just showed how much they love each other.  Andy excited for Noah, Noah wanting to include Andy by showing him things and asking him what he thought, and even asking me if we could get Andy a ball.  It was a good good moment!

I got a big laugh in the store.  Noah asked me MANY times how the shin guards would fit.  I kept telling him I went by the measurements and I thought they would be fine.  He persisted.  Finally I asked him to repeat his question and I finally heard it “Mama, how are these chin guards gonna fit?”  I finally realized he thought they were going on his chin and he could not figure our how those long things could fit on his face!!!  I explained what a shin is and how shin guards worked and he was good to go!

Soccer practice day was so exciting for Noah!  He could not wait!  He was seriously hugging all his new things right before getting ready!


In the house Noah looked so big and so cute to me!  I took him outside to take some more photos while Andy finished his nap and was so tickled when he started posing for me!  He does not look four, he looks so big to me!




This picture.  It is not helping me at all.  Makes my eyes fill with tears and my heart swell.  I cannot believe this is my little baby.  Our 7 pound 7 ounce little Noah.  WOW.  He is so handsome and so sweet and so big and so funny and so athletic and so smart and…..  well, you see where I am going.  I. am. in. love.



On the way to practice Noah was really excited.  He was excited about his uniform.  He was excited about his friends being there.  He was excited about his Daddy helping the coach.  And then he said “Mama, I am so excited.  What channels are we going to be on?”  I said “Noah, what?” He said “You know Mama, on the TV, what channel will be on tonight while I play soccer?”  OH our sweet boy.  I love that he thought his soccer practice would be televised.  I love the innocence of this sweet little boy.  I LOVE that he thinks the world would want to watch him play.  I know I cannot think of anything I would have rather done that night!!!! 



The Polar Express

Our little guys are HUGE Polar Express fans. They love all things Christmas and all things related to trains, so that combination of things makes two very excited boys and two very happy parents!

When we first arrived in Palestine the boys were very hungry! They had food carts outside of the station, so the boys had hot dogs. Andy was so cute, because it was his first hotdog with a bun, he did not understand you are supposed to leave the meat in the bun.



The adorable train station!!! SO cute.


TWO very excited little boys!!!



Before boarding the train we went exploring! It was so cute watching the boys play on the tracks that were not operational. Normally we would not let them on tracks, so they thought this was really neat!



My new all time favorite photo. The sweetest little boys I know.







After getting to check out the train in person and listen to the whistle (and cover our ears because of the whistle!) we finally got to board! We were SO excited! DSC_0064DSC_0062

Andy and Noah were so excited to hold their tickets and wait for the conductor to come punch it! Noah kept asking what word they might punch on his! Right after everyone got seated the music started….and they were playing the “hot chocolate” song from the movie. Next thing we knew the waiters were dancing down the aisle with a cart passing out hot chocolate and little Christmas colored rice krispie treats. The boys were SO excited, dancing and having fun!


Noah loved looking out the window!


We were really enjoying our ride. It was so fun to go so far on a train! After going halfway we saw the North Pole and Santa got on the train!!!

When Andy realized Santa was getting on the train he got SO excited. The look on his face was priceless!


Our trip to the Mall Santa this year was unsuccessful, so I was one happy Mama to get a Santa photo!



We really had the best time on our little family trip to Polar Express! The boys had so much fun and so did Josh and I! We ended our night at our hotel swimming in the pool with Daddy!!! We truly cannot wait until next year!