Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Quick trip to SA

Our trip to San Antonio was MUCH quicker this year than in years past. We had been in Houston and then wanted to be back home on Christmas Eve, so it was just a fast, but fun trip! We had a nice visit with my Granddad, which included celebrating his 88th birthday and such a nice visit with my aunt and uncle too. Here are a couple of highlights from our trip!

Andy eating corn on the cob for the first time!!! He really gobbled it up!
He actually finished the WHOLE ear!
Bobbi and our two boys!
I just thought by having two boys I did not get a bow head:)
Yes, that comment would have been for my sister, Kristin:)
Noah and Granddaddy Bob on his 88th birthday!
We were celebrating Christmas and a birthday, and Andy was
just running around like crazy! I love that kiddo!

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Amanda said...

lol Love the picture of the bow on the head!! I was just stopping by after I saw your linkon mckmama's blog... I am the one that made the rainbow cake and brought it to her house..and I think you did a FANTASTIC job!!