Thursday, May 26, 2011


In the car today Noah said... "Mama, when I grow up I am going to be a race car driver, a soldier and an airplane racer!" Andy then said "Mommy, I'm going to be a race car driver too!" It was so adorable to hear them talk, but I sure hope they will pick something a bit safer than race car drivers or airplane racers! (what is that anyways?!)

Later on Noah asked me "Where is heaven?" Andy piped up and said "With God!" It was so cute. I explained to the best of my abilities and Andy then yelled "I'm gonna sit with Lane in heaven!" Noah then responded "And I'm gonna sit with Kole!" It was just the sweetest thing. (Lane & Kole are two adorable little friends of ours from church, school and everyday!)

I love our little guys so much. Noah said to me earlier when talking about Kristin, "You know Mommy, when you miss her, just think of her at night when you are in bed." I thought, wow, you really gets it! Such good advice from such a little guy. Last night Andy and I were feeling yucky and he was laying in bed with me cuddling. We were singing songs and talking. He was rubbing my cheek and saying in his sweet paused way "I love you Mommy" and I started singing Jesus Loves Me, he said, "that's my song!" He asked what Noah's song was. I sang "Twinkle Twinkle." He asked what Daddy's was, I did not know so he suggested "Jingle Bells or chicken fried" and we did not come up with one for me except maybe "Goodnight sweetheart." It was such a sweet moment. One I will cherish forever!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

bed time...

When Andy was born I took care of his bedtimes and Josh took care of Noah's. We had a little joke of saying to one another "You got yours? I got mine?!" Then we would boast a bit as to who's 'kid' was asleep first. Then Andy got older and quit nursing, then really just had one over on us both. We would literally stay in his room sitting there watching him til he fell asleep, because if you dare just step outside of his room he would literally throw up everywhere instantaneously. It was gross and just not fun. Fast forward til a couple of months ago. Josh and I were just worn down and Andy was winning. Finally we said, enough is enough, and we told Andy the new plan, that he would have to stay in bed in his room by himself, or we would shut the door. Period. Amazingly it immediately worked. Josh took over Andy duties and I got the sweet joy of Noah. I was so happy to read Noah stories, say prayers with him and cuddle. Noah has been a dream getting to sleep since he was about 15 months old. He goes to sleep quickly and stays there til he is asleep. He also likes to go to bed early. Andy is a night owl, takes forever to go to sleep and is a light sleeper. So... there have been some nights lately where I am the one putting both boys down... Josh has been busy getting our new house move in ready! (My Dad and I have too, but during the day!) Tonight Andy is like a jack in the box with me, up and out of bed, every five minutes. I went to check on him once and he was not even in his room. He was in my bathroom. I asked him what he was doing and he responded "Ust looking at stuff" as he meddled with my contact vials. Then I watched him sneak a piece of cheese out of the fridge then run back to his room. And just now I went in to talk to him again (because sadly shutting the door is not working tonight because he figured out how to take off the child knob) and he said, "Noah's eyes are closed, he is nice. My eyes open, I rude. See Mama I nice now" and he shut his little eyes and squeezed them tight. Sigh. Oh, I hear him in the hall again - wish me luck!!!! :)

p.s. I really love bedtime with Andy too, he gives such sweet kisses and hugs and has to say with purpose good night, I love you and loves loves loves to sing me "Goodnight Sweetheart, it's time to go, I hate to leave you but I really must say, goodnight sweetheart good night" and it sounds like "good night schweetheart its time to go i hate to leave but i must stay, good night schweetheart good night." It is one of the best moments of the day, but writing the above note I was just tired because I had repeated that part at least 20 times already:)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Eat your dinner, please!

Dinner time is usually fairly peaceful at our house. We have found that lighting a candle seems to mesmerize the boys a bit and they sit still much longer than normal. That and we have a dinner time game that is a ton of fun and makes dinnertime really enjoyable. The boys love to "read" cars to us. Each and every time Andy says "What's your favorite movie, Mama?" Noah has a great imagination with "reading" his cards...he asks questions like "What is your favorite combination of foods?" or "What was your favorite day ever?" I did not know he knew to use the word combination until playing the game the other night!

A couple of nights ago dinnertime was much different with Andy than normal. He was not feeling well, but until this point I had no idea. He was sitting there and Josh told him if he did not eat his dinner he would not get a snack later. We were not going to throw away his dinner and then make him something else. He looked Josh right in the face and yelled "BUT I WANT MY BESSERT!!!!!!!!!!!" OOoooh it was funny! We do not often eat sweets right after dinner, so it was funny to us that Andy wanted dessert, especially without having had dinner, but the clarity of the B in the front of the word as Bessert was just hilariously cute!!!!! Sadly, we then realized he was really not feeling well, because Josh said "okay, eat your dinner and you can have bessert" and Andy still did not eat his dinner. It was so cute:)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Heard in our house…

Tonight when it FINALLY started raining Noah thought the thunder was a jet!  That really cracked me up!  I opened the curtains so Andy could see the rain and he yelled “I wanna drink it!”  It cracked me up – shows we have not had rain in way too long!

One of my favorite moments of the day is when the boys are taking a bath and they want to wash their bodies.  They both stand up, side by side and sing “Wash your body, wash your body, wash your shoulders, wash your arm pits, etc….”  It is just too cute!

New house!

We are SOOOOO excited!  We soon will have a new address!  We closed on our new house last week and were so ready to get started working.  Below are a few BEFORE pictures, as we progress with the updates I will post some new pictures. 

One thing we are BOTH so excited about is the nice yard!  We cannot wait to get out there and play with the kids!!!  These photos were taken the day we closed, so no yard work or anything had been done yet.

The shed that just needs a new door and dog run we will remove….


The other side of our yard….


Looking at the fireplace from the dining room….


Looking at the front door from the fireplace….


And….the covered back porch!  I CANNOT wait to paint that ceiling baby blue!  :)


Thursday, May 5, 2011

So many updates, so many changes!

I really need to make a point of blogging more often!!

First off, I have to say a couple of things about our sweet boys. It is unbelievable - they are friends! They WANT to play together. They want to wrestle, tumble, push cars, crash cars, take baths, and even nap in the same room! (when Noah does nap that is:)) It is such a blessing and something we have hoped and prayed for. Having them so close in age was rough at the beginning, but now I really see so many benefits to this age gap!

Mr Andy pants. WOW. He decided last Tuesday night that Wednesday morning he was wearing underwear. Period the end. Wednesday was a long day in the potty with him. But amazingly it was my favorite day with him ever. Noah was so encouraging and sweet. He kept talking to Andy about what a big boy Andy was and even gave Andy the special RC Drifting Lightning McQueen we gave him when he got potty trained! It was the sweetest moment between the two of them. Andy was so excited by Noah's gift and Noah was so proud to give it. The neatest thing about the day was the fact that Andy was truly the center of attention. He absolutely loved it. He was just precious. He decided he was going potty on the "potty train" not being potty trained:) And he was going in the tunnel. I LOVE that. A week later and he is doing awesome! Max 2 accidents a day since Friday - that is amazing! It was such a breeze!

The sweetest thing about Andy - he loves giving kisses, Daddy hugs and baby hugs. But his kisses melt my heart, he has to either grab both my cheeks when he does it, but it is so gentle, just placing both palms against my face. Or he places one sweet hand, which has almost lost the little baby dimples on them, around the back of my head. Then when we put him to bed if you say "Good Night Andy" you then have to make eye contact with him, so he can say "Good night Mama" or "Good Night Daddy" and know you are listening. He does the same thing when he says I love you...he has to know you are paying attention. What a better moment to give him my undivided:)

Noah is just growing up to be so sweet and compassionate. Also just so full of energy! He has given up naps 95% of the time, so by the end of the evening he is just moving constantly to keep himself awake:) He loves being Daddy's helper. Especially with Grampy's old Mater truck, but loves washing cars, painting, and really wants to do dishes for me:) I hope he still wants to when he is old enough for me to trust him with them!

I feel so blessed to have our little family. Josh and I had the best day together today. We closed on our new house yesterday and spent today putting color up on the walls so we could choose paint colors, then we tore down the wallpaper in the master bath, boys bath, and breakfast room. It was so much fun to have that time with him! We even got some lunch and ate together at the house. FUN fun fun!