Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Heard in our Car....

We are all sitting in the truck, driving down the road, headed towards home.
Noah: "Daddy, are you going to come to MY house?"
Josh: "Well, yes sweetie, I am. I live at your house too. Your house is also MY house."
Noah: "Oh Daddy, that is just silly, you live at Ralf Co*."


SO. Who else thinks this means Josh has been working WAY too many hours if your son now thinks you live at work and visit home. So sad. Josh and I were laughing so hard we were practically crying and Noah was so confused because he did not understand what was funny. Ooops. :)

*Changed company name for privacy reasons:)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

DSC_0705 Noah has been playing pretend a lot lately….he came to me the other day with his little doggie and wanted a blanket wrapped around him (swaddling blanket) and a bottle.  At first he was calling the baby our friends little boys name and saying “I love you” and then it became “I am the Daddy, I need to take care of my baby!”  It was so cute.  He fed his baby.  He rocked his baby, he read him stories, he shook baby toys in front of him, he let him rest while ‘Daddy’ ate dinner, even checked on him in the middle of dinner, and told Allie to shush the baby was sleeping.  It was absolutely the sweetest thing to watch what he has learned from us!  THEN – Andy came wagging a blanket and blue bear at me!  I wrapped it up, Noah sweetly handed over the bottle and Andy fed his baby too!  It was so cute to see our little boys playing with their babies.  Some day I think they will be just as good with their little babies as their Daddy is with them! :)DSC_0709

Friday, June 11, 2010


Andy: ‘OOOOhhhhh, NUN-NUN!’


Mama: ‘Andy, can you look at the camera, show me Nun-Nun!’

Andy: Gazes lovingly at his new Nun-Nun


Mama: ‘Andy, what you got there?’

Andy: completely in his own world, totally unaware of his Mama’s presence…really ignoring that black thing she is waggling at him trying to get him to pose for…


**smooch, slobber, squeeze, smother….

DSC_0572    DSC_0565

Welcome to our home new Nun-Nun.  You are one loved monkey by one completely fixated, Nun-Nun focused, furry loving little fellow!  We are so happy you found us!

DSC_0568….If you did not know, our beloved first Nun-Nun, sweet yellow sock monkey, had a sad experience in our washing machine.  His face became injured and he had to be retired.  We waited ten LONG days for the new and improved Nun-Nun to come via airmail from Canada.  Each night crying out for and needing our sweet lovey.  It was one happy night when Daddy came in from work carrying the new Nun-Nun.  In a sleepy state, Andy latched onto him with both hands, said ‘NUN!’ and closed his eyes back.  Oh Nun, how we love you so! 

…If you like our Nun-Nun, you can buy your own, here.

Take me out to the Ball Game! – June 5, 2010

Josh’s company had their summer get together at the Dell Diamond to watch the Round Rock Express play the Nashville Sound.  It was SO much fun!  Noah was hilarious, he was sitting in my lap saying, ‘Mama, please no talkin’, I really tryin’ to watch the ball!’  He takes baseball SO seriously. 

Well, almost as seriously as he takes himself:)…


Andy really seemed to enjoy the game too, but the highlight for him was the lemonade and popcorn his Daddy got him!   He must be going through a growth spurt, because all he wants to do is eat!


  Well, food and then getting to snuggle Daddy is ALWAYS a good thing!!!  Our boys have been missing Josh like crazy during this last job he has been doing!!!

DSC_0553 We truly cannot wait to go out to another ball game.  We all had so much fun and really enjoyed our evening!!!! 

San Antonio – Memorial Day Weekend

Life has been so crazy lately that we just have not has as much time as we would like to visit with family, but we finally had a quick weekend to go play!!!!

My Granddaddy:)


Good times in Granddaddy Bob’s yard!

DSC_0392DSC_0394 DSC_0397  DSC_0409 DSC_0413 DSC_0422

We had more fun playing in the sprinklers, playing games, visiting, watching shows and just being together!  I wish it could happen more often!!!

The boys playing Ants in the Pants!DSC_0437DSC_0443 DSC_0439My Dad and Kyle got put to work blowing up different parts to our new slip n slide! 


I am pretty sure this is a ‘why are you taking my picture?’ kind of face, but I love that face….so I have to take it’s picture! :)


I am not quite sure why, but this is really one of my favorite pictures from the whole weekend!  The expression on Bobbi’s face just cracks me up!  It just says ‘I really hope he does not spray me with that water gun!!!’


Playing on our new two laned slip n slide! 







…and then really gone:)


Playing with family sure does tucker a little boy out!!!!

Brotherly Love!

Our boys definitely have their moments as crazy people, but lately have been becoming good friends too!  I love watching them race their cars together, throw balls to each other, watch TV together, play in forts Daddy builds out of blankets in the house together…and even join one another in time out!  It is so neat to see them become friends.  For so long Noah did not understand why Andy could not talk or play and now Noah is so excited about Andy participating in the big boy activities!

Pushing Cars in the Kitchen


Watching movies together


Playing in the yard after painting on the porch!

DSC_0352 DSC_0341 DSC_0342   DSC_0350  DSC_0353

Andy joining Noah in time out:)


The past twenty months have been pretty crazy with these two little boys and this last picture really makes me smile.  Even though Noah is in time out, most probably for something he did to Andy, it makes me so happy to see them hug and be gentle with one another!  I love that they love each other!!!!

Mother’s Day – May 9, 2010

Mother’s Day is really one of my favorite days of the year!  It is just always so much fun!  We started off our day in a good way – hanging out in the teepee!

   DSC_0291 DSC_0292DSC_0295DSC_0297 

Dressed and ready for church!


I do not like the kids to stand up on the hearth, but do not mind if they sit on it.  This is how Andy was choosing to go across it.  I guess he figured if he had his hands down he was not standing, therefore it must be okay!  So smart to be so young!

DSC_0333   DSC_0299  

DSC_0313 DSC_0325

My Mom and I with our boys on Mother’s Day!  DSC_0327

Mother’s Day Weekend!

Andy painting for the first time at the kitchen table!  He has painted outside often, but never inside.  He did great!  I was covered in paint after he was done, so no pictures of the  masterpiece:)


The boys riding in the bike trailer TOGETHER for the first time!  I was seriously nervous, but they really did great!  We only had to stop once to have a talk about behavior and the talk was with Andy, not Noah!  It was so fun to go for a bike ride all together!


I had a ton of fun decorating the house for Mother’s Day!  That Saturday both sets of our parents came over to play, eat a tasty dinner and make stepping stones.  The pictures are of Judy, my Mom, Josh, me, Kristin, Chris and the boys…I made all my favorite photos into black and white prints and hung them or placed them around the house.




We got each of our Mom’s a plant and put one on each table. 


Josh and the boys made these precious cards for me!  The one on the left was Andy’s handiwork with Josh’s help and the one on the right Noah’s.  The pictures in front are collages I had made for our Mom’s of all the photos I had hung around the house for the day.


My beautiful hydrangeas and lavender roses from my three guys!DSC_0253

Outside playing!


DSC_0285   DSC_0256 DSC_0258       

Making our stepping stones.  Hard to believe this was my fourth Mother’s Day!  I love looking back at how tiny the boys feet were in my past stepping stones!

DSC_0266DSC_0276DSC_0278We had so much fun playing all day Saturday with my folks and Josh’s.  I knew the next day would be even more fun!  I love celebrating holidays, Josh always makes me feel so special!