Thursday, February 18, 2010

Noah's 3rd Birthday Cars Party!

January 9, 2010....
Noah turned the Big THREE!!!!
We celebrated all day long!
Our front door sported this sign.....
On the dining room table were the party favors, bags of Cars stickers, Cars fruit snacks, and Oreos wrapped in the below papers
**I found this idea on another bloggers post, which I now cannot find!
The kids came in and switched between stations, some started with Mater's Junkyard tire toss, where they threw wiffle balls covered in Cars fabric into a inflatable tire
Some of the other kiddos moved to the kitchen where my
Mom was the tattoo artist at Ramone's House of Body Art
We had pin the 95 on McQueen and Lisa from Lisa's Dance Connection came to sing songs, dance, do finger plays and play with a parachute. It was fantastic!

During this time we pulled out our ice cream, served into cupcake holders.
It was such a time saver!!!
Noah got many cool presents! He loves his pirate rain suit!
Andy really loves Noah's play skillets!
We were all so blessed to have such a nice group of people come celebrate with us on Noah's birthday! We had friends from Houston, Waco, school, and church. Both sets of grandparents and even Josh's grandparents too! Noah's uncle from College Station even got to come for dinner, it was fantastic!
Andy and his Granny's!
Granddaddy and the birthday boy, Noah
Granddaddy, Andy and Woody:)
Daddy and Andy watching Noah open presents!
Pop, Noah's great-grandfather!
**blogger is giving me a hard time and I am finally giving in and just finishing this post, some of these photos are way out of order!
The inside of Noah's cool Blue McQueen cake his Daddy made!
Noah anxiously waiting for blowing out his candles!
Earlier, Noah got to pin the 95 on McQueen!
Our little racers refreshments:
Dinoco Punch (lemonade)
Holding on tight to my little birthday boy!
The Blue Queen Cake!

Our table, all ready for the party!
The picture Josh made for the pin the 95 game
More decorations - including the balloon bouquet I made!
Noah's little brother, Andy, anxiously awaiting breakfast on the morning of Noah's birthday!
Noah and Daddy making pancakes!
We had such an amazing day! It was so much fun to celebrate with so many of our loved ones and so nice to talk on the phone to many of the others! We had so much celebrating our sweet Noah! We love you, little man!

Lunchtime with Andy!

Lunchtime with Andy was LOTS of fun today....

"See Mom, I am THIS big!"
"And I am THIS silly!"
"Look, here's my nose!!!"
"And that head you love to kiss, it is right here!"
"I know where my ears are!"
"bebby bubbbbbb!"
Of course all of those are what Mama said, except that last one:) You sure love your bebby bubbbbb!

And I sure love YOU!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pottery Barn Knock-Offs!!!!

I LOVE reading home blogs. I have a whole list in blogger that I seriously look forward to every morning. Some people have their newspaper and coffee...I have my blogs and diet coke. It is SO much fun. I feel inspired by some, touched by others and get a good chuckle from many more.

One of the blogs is called Homebody and today she is hosting a Pottery Barn Knock-Off Party and I wanted to join!
I absolutely LOVE Pottery Barn, but our checkbook does not! BUT....I have MY DAD! He is amazing at woodwork and I am SO thankful for him. He has refinished buffets, made rocking horses, bookshelves, rocking airplanes, etc in our house! two favorite things he has made me I can put in this linky party!!!!
The PB Samantha Entry Way Shelf.... I wanted mine red, so that is what my Dad did!!!!
I also LOVED the Holman shelves recently. I showed my Dad and he said he could make them. I saw him a week later and he had them ready for me to hang!!!!!! I love them in our living room, but can see them someday in a hallway or bedroom. They will always be somewhere in our home!!!!
It sure helps to have a handy Dad!
I am also linking up to Kimba's DIY day!