Thursday, October 28, 2010

School Halloween Fun!

Today was the big Halloween Party at our boys MDO.  They were both (Noah especially) excited for this party!  They got to trick or treat the different classrooms all dressed up!  Andy was not interested in the Aggie jersey, because of the shoulder pads, but was perfectly happy with his little Texans jersey.  They really had a good time today!  Noah loved his friends costumes, one kiddo was dressed like Slinky Dog…Noah thought that was super neat.  All the kids were adorable!

school halloween party

school halloween party2

school halloween party3

school halloween party4

Our two boys:) I cannot wait to trick or treat this weekend, it will be SO fun!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy hearts...

This morning my sweet Noah and I were talking over breakfast. He was eating his cereal and I started coughing...I have not been feeling 100%. He said "Oh Mama, I will cuddle you and make you feel better." I smiled and told him how much it means to me and how much I love him. I walked out of the room to get something and heard his tiny little voice say "That would make God's heart happy too, Mama." It sure feels good to be a Mama, even when I do not feel so good otherwise!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dinner Time Prayers

In our house Noah usually starts with the first dinner time prayer, sometimes followed by Josh and then followed by a teenie 'Amen' from Andy. Tonight Josh was gone and Noah said the first prayer, it went like this...
"God, bless Mama, Daddy, Noah, Andy, Allie and all the blessings. Amen." I reminded him of a special little baby L in our lives and his little tummy, so Noah said "Oh and God, make L feel better and thanks for my cups, drinks, food, and blessings. Amen." It was so sweet. I usually just prompt Andy to say "Amen" tonight he said it, then a moment later bowed his sweet little head and said "God, mloamnatni*, Amen"

It was such a sweet moment!!!

*meaning, something I could not understand.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Football and birthday parties!

Lately Noah's entire world is football. He lives and breathes it. It blows me away. I went to football games in high school for the band and in college to people watch and be with friends. Rarely did my eyes even land on the field. Until now. Noah is absolutely obsessed and asks me all kinds of questions, so I feel the need to actually know the answer! He loves to watch football on TV (Andy does too!) while all decked out in his football gear, he even likes to listen to it on the radio, and this past Friday night got to go to his first real game! It was awesome. We drove to a local small town. It was homecoming and it was packed. The weather was perfect and Noah was about to come out of his skin he was so excited! He sat with my Dad and Josh for most of the game and his eyes never came off the field. I could hear him asking about time outs and uniforms and what are they doing and wow look at that type of comments. It was adorable. Come half time I was really excited. Because you know...everyone comes to football games to watch the band, right?! Noah was interested kind of. Then VERY interested when he realized that two of the saxophone players were football players still in uniforms. Andy was literally freaking out. He was SO excited. He kept yelling "Music, I DO IT. Music, I DO IT." Over and over. Yep, you could say I was seriously happy! I will not keep Noah from playing football (Andy either) but I really think band has a lot less injuries associated with it! We left right after half time. Noah really wanted to stay and finish the game. It was cute to see how really into it was. My Dad even took him down to watch the guys run back on the field and they gave Noah high fives...he was elated!

This past Saturday we went to see Thomas train, it was so fun! When we got home and put the boys to bed Andy woke up and said "Ride Thomas" smiled and then just went back to sleep. It was the sweetest thing! In some ways he is really starting to talk and communicate. He still has moments of frustration where he does not know how to say what he is thinking, but for the most part can tell me if he wants Mickey Mouse cheese or yellow cheese, chocolate or plain cookies, etc. He even has a preference in clothes, both the boys want shorts and basketball shirts ALL the time. So funny.
I cannot believe this sweet little boy is going to be two in just two days. Sigh. He has the biggest heart of any child I have ever met. When our little buddy we watch gets fussy Andy says "It's okay buddy, it's okay" and when I have the little one in the Bjorn Andy says "Hold on tight buddy, hold on tight!" It is precious. He really loves bible class and loves school. He does not cry at all any more! For a couple of days he cried for about thirty seconds, but now he walks into class and kisses me bye and is ready to play. Now if only the kids would quit pushing him:(
We are in full party mode around here. Last night Josh took the boys to the mall for pizza and their first cookie cake (which resulted in Noah up with indigestion and Andy awake til 10!) but they had so much fun. I got all of Andy's presents wrapped and favors done, tomorrow I will grocery shop and finish up laundry folding and putting away and then we should be ready to party! I am excited. And sad. My sweet baby is growing up and I cannot slow the clock! But he is turning out to be so handsome and so kind and so unbelievably grateful. He always says Thank You and really and truly means it. But when I look at him, all I ever want to do is look at God and tell Him thank you. This little boy is truly a blessing.