Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy ALMOST New Year!!!

It is hard to believe another decade has gone by! I will be entering my fourth decade. Wow, if the last three have been so good, what could the next one bring!

The last decade brought...
2000...a transfer to Texas A&M, time with my best friend at my favorite school, went to lots of football games and had lots of cook-outs with my parents and friends. Traveled to Colorado many times to see Josh's folks, and went to NYC and Cancun. Went to the top of the ruins in Chichen Itza on New Years Eve, which was the last day tourists were allowed to climb on them! best friend became my fiance' while in Colorado at Garden of the Gods on July 3rd, chose a specific major, Marketing. Was shocked by 9/11. Traveled to see Josh's folks, Vegas for my 21st birthday and then on to the Grand Canyon (where I got to meet my friend Beth's boyfriend, who is now her sweet husband!)
2002...I graduated from Texas A&M with a Marketing degree and moved to San Antonio for my new job. Became a counselor at Camp Celiac in Rhode Island
2003...Finally started our wedding planning:) Was baptised on January 15th. Traveled to California to visit Josh's folks and College Station to see Josh! Went to Vegas for Christopher's 21st and Josh and I both were counselors at Camp Celiac in RI and took Josh to see NYC for his first time!
2004...married my best friend, quit my job, moved to Houston for my husbands new job, found a new job, bought our first house. Traveled to Vegas, Maui!!!, and New Orleans
2005...purchased my third car, the first one on my own though. Did lots of work around our house and worked a lot. Traveled to Tucson for Beth & Adam's wedding, Savannah, GA with my Mom and Josh and I spent some time in Galveston
2006...found out I was pregnant with our little Noah on Memorial Day! Went on long-term disability with work, due to a low lying placenta and being on bed rest. Was shocked by my aunt and uncle with a surprise trick or treating and their first visit to our house! Traveled to Breckenridge skiing and snowshoeing (prior to being pregnant and on bed rest, of course:)) Also traveled to Asheville, NC with my Mom.
2007...welcomed our beautiful Noah on January 9th, enjoyed an amazing year with an amazing little boy. Traveled to Tucson to visit our dear friends and finally meet their little boy, Carter!
2008...found out I was pregnant with our little Andy on February 20th! Soon after had a visit at our home with Beth and her little Carter. Welcomed Andy into the world on October 8th. Josh got a new job, we moved into an apartment in a new city on December 1st. Traveled to Hoover, AL with Josh's work. Took many trips to see family here in Texas.
2009...enjoyed our two boys more than I could have ever imagined. Sold our house in July, moved into a new house. Traveled to Disney World in Florida for fun and Meredith's wedding and Galveston for quite a few days for my birthday.

...and in....
2010...I will cherish every moment with our little boys, love teaching them about God, enjoy many dates with my husband, travel to Arizona to meet Beth's new little girl and introduce them to Andy, go on a long overdue cruise with my husband, and hopefully SLEEP:)


Anonymous said...

I learned so much about you in this post! Have a great cruise this year, I want to get some vacation time in this 2010!


Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch Texas A&M Aggies, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.