Friday, December 11, 2009

My helpers...

Well, I now have two little helpers! Noah is very good at helping me around the house. Andy has always been a "carpet picker" picking up the tiniest things and handing them to me. I remember Noah doing that when he was little too. Andy just found a piece of paper, picked it up, walked to the trash can and tried to open it to put the paper in!!!! It was SO cute. I opened the trashcan and he threw it in. Then he picked up a spoon he dropped, walked to the sink and kept saying "uhhh, uhhh" so I picked him up and he tossed the spoon in the sink!

This morning Noah decided to pull stuff out of the closet we have in our playroom. I asked him to put it back and he kept saying, "but mama, I'm a helper!" It was hard to just smile and say thanks and put it back, but he was so genuine! I wanted to say "you are just helping me make a mess!"


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