Saturday, September 8, 2012

Aggie party!

This past weekend our kids attended their first Aggie party for the game against the gators. We spent a nice and crazy time with Katie and her absolutely adorable kids. I really love spending time with them!!

Our first ever picture of us and our baby girls:) I hope they will someday be as close as Katie and I!l
Getting them all too look would have been an Olympic feat!
It was so fun to see how sweet Katie's little ones were with Emma. It was also neat to see her little boy L and Andy play so well together. They really are little buds! We had a blast!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Baking cookies!

We recently realized it had been a long time since we last baked and decorated cookies. When Noah was small and Andy was a baby we decorated cookies often. We decided it was about time to do it again! It was really fun! Josh is always fun to mix the cookies and help the boys. We decided we would bake them one day and ice them the next! It ended up being a fun and silly time!

Look Mama, messy!



Saturday, September 1, 2012

Emma bird!

Josh and the boys have found themselves calling our sweet girl Emma bird. Not sure who or now it started, but it has definitely stuck!!

Emma is an amazing baby! She is eleven weeks old now and such a joy. Her smile radiates into her beautiful eyes and she is very easy going.

A few things about Miss Em...

She is a great sleeper!! She has been sleeping through the night for weeks now. On occasion she wakes at 5 in the morning, but that is after having gone to bed around 8 or 9. About five mornings a week she sleeps til about 6! She can truly fall asleep anywhere!

She loves to play pat a cake! She smiles and laughs every time! When she is really tickled she sticks her little tongue out!

Emma loves when you say "how big is Emma?" then lift her hands over her head and you say "so big!"

She loves her tummy time mat, but not on her tummy! Her favorite thing is her mobile over her bed. When you turn it on she kicks her little legs and smiles!

Emma is not a fan of being held when going to sleep! When she starts getting sleepy at night we have to just lay her in bed for her to go to sleep on her own. So different than any other baby I have ever met, I hope that continues through her being a toddler!!!

Yesterday she picked up a toy for the first time! I laid a little horse toy by her and she picked it up and put it to her mouth! She did it again today but when she dropped it she got a tad annoyed that she could not pick it back up. It was insanely cute!

I really love being her mommy! We are all so in love with her!!!!

Andy made a joke!


There is something about Andy. He has a will to make others laugh and smile. He has always loved picking me flowers, because he knew I would smile. He loves being goofy or singing me a song, because he knows I will smile and today he made his first joke!!!
At the lunch table the boys were eating grapes. Andy said "Noah, do you have a baby in your belly?" Noah continued to eat some tiny grapes and said "no". Andy then said "yes you do, you have baby grapes in your belly!" then he busted out laughing! I love his sense of humor!!!


Kindergarten update!

Week one was a success!!! Noah absolutely loves school, his new friends and all his teachers too. Here is a rundown of our week!!!

Day 1:

It was so neat to have Josh help with drop off! Noah packed a lunch for that day, I worried he would not have enough food, that people were not being nice to him, that he might not have fun, that he might learn something we would rather him not know etc. I was not the only one having a hard time with the transition, Andy did too. At one point I was sitting on the couch with Emma and Andy came and sat down in an empty box. He looked really sad. I asked him what was wrong and he said "Noah's not here to push me around. I am gonna have to sit in this box forever til noah gets home and can push me." It was heartbreaking! I gave him markers to make it a racecar, which helped a little bit. When it came time to go pick Noah up we baked some cookies and then while talking on the phone to Bobbi I realized it was raining! I quickly loaded the two little ones in the car and we drove over to the school and parked. Once the rain let up we walked up to building And waited for Noah. It was so nice to have him in our arms again!! When we got home I asked him what he thought of his teacher. He said "I love her!!!!". He talked non stop about our neighbors granddaughter, a little boy that had gone to his preschool and all of his new friends too. Both Andy and Noah were so tired by the end of the day. Josh normally gets home from work after dinnertime, but it was so great. He got home in time for dinner, and had flowers for me and little airplanes for the boys to celebrate noah's first day!! Noah was so excited to have "magic food" for dinner (frito enchiladas), which was his pick, and he and Andy were both bathed and in bed asleep by 6:30!

Day 2:

When I went to wake Noah up he looked at me and said "already?" Poor kid was not ready to wake up! We have his closet all set up with his clothes (including socks, etc) already picked out, so I reminded him of his Star Wars shirt for the day and he was up quickly and getting ready. The closet organizer for the week has turned out to be a valuable thing. Since everything is already together and set up there are no last minute choices to be made or socks to look for, Noah seemed to really enjoy it. All week he kept saying "I cannot wait for Thursday, I am going to look so cool!" I suggested he switch and go ahead and wear those clothes, but he was adamant that he wanted to wait! Here is a quick peek at his closet. It also helped him keep track of how many days we have had and how many are left in the school week!

When Noah got home that day we really enjoyed hearing all about his first time buying his lunch! He thought it was so cool that he had his own tray and he really loved his taco salad! He was disappointed Josh and I won't allow him to buy treats like ice cream or candy, but decided buying his lunch was way more fun than taking it!!


Day 3:

Wednesday morning I was so tired! Emma has been sleeping through the night for weeks now, but woke up that morning at 5, so I did not get to go back to sleep. Thankfully after dropping Noah off we had some nice plans. Andy, Emma and I met up with Amber at church to work on some class materials for the two year olds for the new quarter. I really enjoyed that time. It was nice to be out and Andy and Emma did great. While we were there I was so pleased to get this sweet picture from noah's teacher!

I was so pleased to have this little update during the day! Noah's teacher is such a sweet lady. She really seems to enjoy Noah in her class. He helps her stack chairs and she said he is such a joy to have in class and a sweetie. I told Noah how proud I am of him, he responded by telling me he was letting his light shine! I love that!

In the picture Noah has on a crown because of a game they have been playing called Kings and Queens. It is a get to know you type of game. You have to answer questions ... What's your favorite color? What's your favorite food? What's your favorite thing in the whooooole world? The first day Noah said his answers were green, egg rolls and Josh and I! The second day he said purple, sweet and sour shrimp, and Josh, Andy, Emma and I. Then the day he was king he answered turquoise, beef enchiladas, and Emma! When I picked him up after school he still had on his crown! So fun!!!

Day 4:

We started the day off with both boys waking up on their own! They still are going to bed around 6:30 to 7, but I was so pleased to not have to wake them up. It is also really nice, because Josh is home in the morning to help with making breakfast and it is nice to have him here. After dropping Noah off at school we had an open house for Andy at his new preschool. It was so nice to meet his teacher, he is getting so excited! His class is the Busy Bee's and he thinks that is so fun! We had some errands to run that day, we needed to pick out some fabric for a pillow case to go with his nap mat. Our sweet friend Heather said she could help us sew it, so Andy was very excited to pick out dinosaur fabric. We also went to get a special treat for after school. All Noah has been able to talk about all week was the ice cream sandwiches they had at school. He took his lunch again (train shape sandwiches one day, which he thought was fun) but really could not stop talking about the ice cream sandwiches. Andy and I went to buy some to surprise Noah when he came home! We are really loving the walk home too, it is so fun to visit and immediately hear all about Noah's day, even if it is 100 outside! That night was very very busy. We went home and had our special treat then had dinner, then at 5:30 we had soccer and at 6:30 a new parent meeting at andys school. Noah really loved soccer and we are so happy to be on a team with some good friends we always wish we spent more time with!

When Noah finished getting ready for soccer I was a bit emotional. He looked so big! It made me think of the first time Noah played soccer in the spring of 2011. Pictures here. I thought at the time he was so big, then this week he got dressed and needed new shin guards and the little socks he had on in his first season were put on under the shin guards and folded back over all the way to his shoes. The socks he had on for practice this year was the same pair, but they just went to his knees and stopped. He has grown so much!!

He wanted to pose like he was catching the ball:)

Day 5: FRIDAY!!!!!

YIppee! Friday! We were all so excited! It was such a good week, but we were all tired! Andy continued to wear his backpack along with Noah on the way to school each day. Noah was dressed in his school shirt since Friday is spirit day at the school. He thought it was so neat! He really cannot wait each morning to get to school! He said his favorite thing on Friday was the high school cheerleaders coming. They danced and cheered for them and put tiger paws on their cheeks. So much fun!! I love that he loves school!! When asked what his favorite parts of the week were he said P.E., lunch and art too!!! He had a good end to a good week, now we can enjoy a three day weekend together!