Friday, January 30, 2009

Photo Friday...

Just thought it would be fun to post some of my favorite pictures on Fridays.....

Here is a picture of my sweet sister Kristin and myself. Now you see where our boys get that crazy hair?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hi everyone! Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks!

Noah eating his birthday cupcake! He absolutely loved it!
The after shot:)
Noah trying out his new tricycle!!! SO fun! 01/09/09
Josh made Noah this cool Cars cake for his party!!!! It was cute and yummy too!
Andy hanging out... 01/25/09 Our sweet boys.

Noah pretending to play football. He loves to say "Ready, Set, GO!"
Andy relaxing!
Noah "reading" Andy one of his favorite books. 01/26/09
Andy thinking Noah was hilarious!
This morning Andy was demonstrating his newfound ability to pick up toys and Noah was tickling him:)
I love that laugh!

Have a great Tuesday!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

News Flash....

Okay, so I know this may not be ground breaking to everyone...but it definitely was to me. As I stood in the Macy's dressing room in the harsh lighting staring right back at me yelling - "Honey, you are closer to 30 than you are to 20" was ... you guessed it, my FIRST gray hair. So, true to everything in my life, I had to google "graying hair" to find that I do have 149,000 other hairs that are not gray. Age is not the only factor - genetics plays a part - so thank you to all my graying relatives! ...and... I always said I would not dye my hair if it grayed, so I just keep picturing my Granny's beautiful gray hair and hoping mine will turn out equally as nice!

On another any of you out there hate shoe shopping as much as me? I dislike it more than I dislike swimsuit shopping - which is a lot to say when you just had your second kiddo 3 1/2 months ago! I am looking for shoes to wear with a bridesmaid dress and I keep striking out!!! SO Meredith, hopefully I find something soon!!! to play and forget about that gray hair!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Have yourself a coke....

Now that is some pretty good advise. We have had a hectic week and on a last frantic call with the vet she said "sweetie, grab yourself a coke, sit down and it will all be okay." I sat down, had a coke, and she was right! So - when all else fails, say a prayer and have a coke:)

What is this all about? Well, our crazy doggie Allie decided to gnaw into yet another pacifier and chew off the tip. Thankfully this time she did not swallow the bulb part, but I did not realize that until a good hour later when it fell out of a pair of pants I had folded. That dog is Houdini. The pacifier was inside a Tupperware that was closed, but not snapped shut. Crazy!

Both boys are doing better. Noah had a stomach virus and Josh and Andy had a cold. Then I got the stomach thing, and Noah, Josh and Andy got better. Now Andy has gotten the stomach thing and Noah the cold.... let's hope it stops here!

We had Noah's two year appointment last week and this week we celebrated two years being home with him from the hospital. It blows me away that he is already two. It also blows me away that he has only been in our lives for two years. I feel like he has been a part of me for always.

He has really learned to form words correctly lately. He has been talking a lot for months, but he is starting to correct himself on his pronunciation! For example, he used to say "Aaaeeee" for Allie, now he can actually say "Allie." He is speaking in full sentences too! Yesterday he was on the phone with my Mom and he said, "Nanny, where'd Grumpy go?" Which is funny, one because he used such a big boy sentence, and two because my Mom originally wanted to be Granny and Noah called her Nana...and my Dad wanted to be Grampy and Noah called him now out comes Nanny and Grumpy! So funny. He has decided Josh's Mom is Gigi, who originally suggested Grandma Judy...but is still working on a name for Darren. Occasionally out comes GDaddy. I love listening to him and finding out what he is going to say. He is still talking about the "lights make noise" which is the fireworks from New Years and EVERY day he tells me "make cookie stars trees bobbi kykle house? hmmmm yum" Which means he is requesting to make more sugar cookies at Bobbi and Kyle's like we did right before Christmas!

Andy is such a little ham bone. He is such a sweet little boy, who can sleep SO well. He fell asleep last night at 10 and is still asleep right now at 8:30 a.m.. He only takes two naps during the day, which seems crazy to me. He has the most adorable laugh and his whole body shakes when he laughs. He is most ticklish right under his neck and sometimes under his arms. I LOVE to tickle him! He is starting to sit up in his bouncy chair ... to my horror. I got to use that thing for SO long with Noah. This go around it has felt like my third arm and has helped so much. Maybe he will be ready for the exersaucer soon...

Our house has not sold yet. It has been looked at 9 times, so hopefully someone just right for it will take a look soon.

Our Christmas holidays were fantastic, as was Noah's birthday. Noah was so much fun to watch at Christmas. He came out and immediately focused on one toy and proceeded to play with it and not care about anything else for half an hour. It was a little Cars track that races two cars in circles. The little cars that came with it were miniature Lightning McQueens....and had sticker eyes. One of the eyes peeled off immediately and poor Noah could not even play with anything or open any presents...he just kept saying "eyes broke." So, thanks to my Dad and a quick draw of some eyes with a sharpie the day was able to keep moving on!

We hope that you are all doing well! Here are a couple of photos to keep you going until I upload some new ones!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Noah!

It is hard to believe our sweet Noah is two years old today!!! It feels like yesterday that he was born!!!!

January 9, 2007 - born at 6:24 pm
Noah at a little over a week old...

Noah's First Birthday!!!

My sweet Noah. I cannot get over how much he has grown and what a wonderful little boy he has become. I am the luckiest Mommy ever. Happy Birthday Sweetie!
I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas and New Years! I have LOTS of pictures and fun things to post about....hopefully next week!!!!