Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lots of new words!

We had a really fun Thanksgiving Day and weekend! The boys SO enjoyed spending time and playing with everyone! We spent Thanksgiving in College Station at Josh's folks and brothers coffee shop and then headed back to Josh's folks house for a few days. We had a nice time with Josh's cousin and his wife, Josh's folks, aunt, and grandparents too.

Noah is in love. Seriously. All you hear is, where is Rex? Where is Sam?
Over and over. Here he is with "his cat" as he says, Rex.
Andy and I Thanksgiving Day at the coffee shop.
Josh and Andy playing on the green in Josh's parents back yard
We really had a nice weekend. Deborah took all these photos and posted them, so I thought I would share them on here:) I will have to post the ones off our camera soon too!
We really had a nice week. Josh and I even went to the outlet mall Thanksgiving night at midnight! It was quite the shopping experience! The mall was packed, more than I have ever seen in my life. We got some great deals. It was very fun! We both were shocked by the number of little kids there and were very thankful ours were back with Josh's folks.
On the way home tonight we stopped for dinner. Andy took a bite of rice and looked at me and said "Hot!" Then I was singing him one of his favorite songs "On Top of Spaghetti" at bedtime and he said "door" at the rolled out the door part!!! Noah said something new tonight too! He gave me some big hugs and said "I'm Sorry Mama." I said "Sweetie, why are you sorry?" He said "I sorry you don't feel well." I reassured, "baby, I feel fine!" He responded "Oh it's okay then, don't worry about it!" Ha!!! You never know what he is going to say! So funny!
Tomorrow after church, we get to decorate for Christmas!!!! I am SO excited! The boy are also going to open their "Thanksgiving" stockings. We have all kinds of fun little things for them, like Thomas train Christmas movies, fun holiday socks, funny light up things, and little cars wearing Santa they will get their stockings with these things now and can play with them during the season instead of after. Then Santa can fill their stockings again! This may become a tradition around here:)

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