Friday, December 18, 2009


Today was just simply amazing. I feel so overwhelmingly blessed. I have had anxiety over today for six months. But it is ALL gone now. Noah had his follow up echo with cardiology this morning at Texas Children's. The last echo was sedated, so I was very nervous about Noah's behavior while being awake for the echo today. The sedated one was even difficult. During the past week Noah and I have played doctor, talked about putting stickers on his chest and jelly on his belly for the echo, so the doctor could hear and see his heart. Like taking a video and pictures. We got there and he was very curious, but looked like he had some anxiety. They let me lay on the bed with him and Josh sat right by us. We watched Sesame Street and talked about Elmo playing music throughout the whole test. Noah did not cry or even whine, he did SO good. And when he was done he said "I am a good job boy!" It was so cute, he was so proud of himself! We then saw the doctor and had some phenomenal news, the coil produced the scar tissue we had hoped for and the PDA/murmur is GONE!!!!! It is as if Noah was born without this problem! No follow up visits! No more echoes! Nothing! Simply amazing. I feel like so many prayers have been answered!!!!


Alan and Ashley said...

That is great news. God is so good to take care of his sheep! Merry Christmas!

Jo Anne said...

such great news!
praise God!

Anonymous said...

wonderful news Amy!!! I'm so glad he did well at his test.


Marcy said...

that's awesome news, Amy! I'm so happy for you all.