Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Things on my Mind:)

We have had a lot going on lately! Here are some pictures to get you updated on our household!
The day the rest of Texas got snow, Noah kept looking
out the window saying "snowy, where are you?
Andy cracking up at the Jack in the Box
So sweet.
Andy feeding himself ice cream for the first time!
Andy eating with a fork for the first time this past week!
Such a big boy!
Noah having a tea party breakfast with all of his friends:)
This cup was my Mom and aunt Bobbi's when they were little!
Noah's friends:)
Andy straight out of the bath in
the pj's Noah wore his 1st Christmas
Letters to Santa!
We sat down at dinner and Noah told Josh and I every single word I wrote down on his and Andy's letters. It was SO cute. It really was funny to hear the things he wanted and the things Andy should want too! The letters were stamped and sent on to the North Pole!!!!
{Dear Santa,
I have been a good boy.
I want...
-a doll, a baby doll
-a santa claus
-a shiny queen
-a star
-socks & pajamies
Love, Andy}

{Dear Santa,
Good boy.
I want...
-crayons - an orange one
-a cat named Food
-Big one McQueen
-green car
Love, Noah}
After I was done we let each boy color on their own letter. They both had a blast. It was
so cute that Noah came up with all that on his own! It was funny. Shiny queen is the shiny lightning mcqueen, I guess Noah wants Andy to have his own and quit playing with his. Same goes for the baby doll! The star must mean a star for on top of the tree, because at the time, we could not find ours and had not replaced it!
Noah's note...snow came out of the blue! At the time it was not even on the forecast yet, so when we found out we might get some, we really thought that was fun! Big one McQueen is the hot wheels car... here's for hoping Santa thinks they are on the nice list:) I think I have an inside source that says they made the top of that list!
Thanksgiving Stockings!
We have started a new tradition around here, the Thanksgiving stockings! The day we put up our tree we fill the boys stockings with all the little Christmasy things we have for them...that way they can enjoy those things during the holiday season. Then we pull the stockings back out for Santa to fill. Noah absolutely loved it!!!!
The boys stockings...Andy's is one we purchased,
his is still a work in progress.
I made Noah's.
Josh and Noah after we put up our tree:)
We hope that you are all enjoying this holiday season!!!

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