Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Funny things...

I think every day about blogging, but then choose to rest instead! But now I realize how many cute and funny things I am forgetting to write down that the boys say. They have been cracking me up lately!

Yesterday Andy had a bad earache. We laid down together on his bed and he said "Mama, you're the best cuddler ever!" Then he said "You're the pwettiest Mama ever." Oh man, that makes a Mommy feel good! As we lay there he said Mama, does your back have itches? Since my back has been itching constantly since found out I was pregnant, my answer was definitely YES! He laid and scratched my back til we both fell asleep. It was so sweet. I got up a couple of minutes later to find Noah, who was playing toys VERY loudly in the living room. I really was in need of a nap and some Noah cuddles too. We laid down in bed and he was so wiggly. Every breath he jumped or twitched. I asked him to just be still for twenty minutes. It was cute, a couple of minutes later he said "Has it been twenty?" I said no. He said "Nineteen or eighteen?" I loved that! He is just learning so much and to be able to think of numbers backwards cracks me up.

On car rides lately all Noah wants to do is count. He loves that he can count to 100 and does it as often as he thinks about it. He asked Josh "Can you count to a million, what about a billion?" We did not even know he knew about a billion!

Noah is also full of really good questions. He was asking me the other day "How long does it take the coral in the ocean to grow? And do scuba dibers (divers) get scared under the water?" Sometimes his questions blow me away. Truthfully I did not know he knew about coral!

We are all super duper excited. We find out Friday if our little one is a boy or a girl. Noah is pretty adamant it is a girl, he wants to call her sissy, and he always says her or she in referring to the baby. I really would love another boy or a girl. I will be happy with whatever little one God decided was right for our family, but it is hard to hear someone saying her and she so often and not think of the baby as that gender yourself! Funny!! Josh took Friday off and he, the boys and I will all get to see the big ultrasound. I am so excited to have all three of them there. I truly cannot imagine how special that will be!