Sunday, August 24, 2008

Almost four...

We are doing well! I went to the doctor on Friday and had a fairly uneventful visit. It still looks like we have a little under seven weeks to go - but she did say that is if I make it that far. I have been feeling good, but have had so many braxton hicks and real contractions that she said there are no guarantees on making it until the first week of October. I have a lot to get done between now and then!!!

She did mention that my platelets were a tad low. They ran more blood work to check them again and will continue to do so until Andy comes. I pray that they are fine, because if they reach a certain point then I cannot have an epidural or the amnio that they have planned for my 36th week. I WANT that epidural. I definitely needed it when Noah was born!

Noah is really such a sweetie. He is feeling much better, so we were able to get out today...which was so nice! I needed out as badly as I think he did. He had been bringing me shoes every day and telling me "bye bye," so I knew he was ready to get out! He even made it through class today at church, which was so exciting. He cried so hard when Josh left him in there, but once Josh was gone they said he calmed down okay. At least until they sang a song that mentioned Dad's...they said he cried again, but got over it. I was so very proud of him!

Noah climbing on his Daddy. A new favorite past time:)

Me - on my birthday - just so you can see my belly!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A little nostalgic!

So I am a little nostalgic lately. Partly because our sweet Noah is quickly becoming a little boy and partly because we will have another little boy join our lives just the month after next...making me realize how far we have come since Noah was born! The above picture was taken 02/10/07. That really was not that long ago, and our little guy was just so tiny! I have been keeping a list the past two days...Noah says 60 different words and six animal sounds!!!

Josh, Noah and I have all been sick with a nasty virus. Noah and I have been sleeping A LOT as we try to get over it. Noah has developed a HUGE cough and he comes and gets in my lap a lot so I can just hold him. Then when he coughs, I have been patting his back and I tend to say "Oh baby..." This morning, Noah insisted his two prized bears get out of bed with him and come with us. I sat him on my bed and he hugged one of his bears to his cheek, patted its back and said "Oh baby..." It was the sweetest thing ever!

Since I cannot carry Noah around much we walk to his room to get in bed holding hands. Today as we headed to his room he was slightly ahead of me. He stopped and reached out his sweet little hand waiting for mine, so we could walk together. It was such a sweet, tender thing. I just cannot get enough of him some days!!!

Otherwise, we are all doing well! I had a fantastic birthday and cannot thank everyone enough for helping us celebrate!!! I will try to post some newer pictures both on here and kodak gallery towards the end of the week.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Celiac Excitement! most of my posts are completely Noah related...this one - just partially Noah related:)

So - When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 14 years ago we were lucky to find crackers or pre-made goods that did not taste like cardboard. Now, I have a pantry full of pre-made, yummy things, a freezer full of pre-made even yummier things and the need for weight watchers when not pregnant to prove it:) So - why the Celiac Excitement? TWO reasons...

1. WE ARE GETTING A PIZZA PLACE! This is NO joke. Would I joke about something so potentially exciting? Nope. I am serious. It is coming right down the road at 249 and Louetta - it will be called Pizza Fusion. They will have non gluten free (GF) pizza, but also - GLUTEN FREE pizza. I am insanely excited. BUT - to make it even better. You may be thinking, how could it get better? WELL - they will have a casein free (CF) crust and CF cheese too! Meaning, we can take our sweet little Noah out for pizza! Such a normal kid thing that he will be able to do!

2. Noah is SO into the word pretzel, as mentioned before and loves his GFCF pretzels we buy at Whole Foods. Personally, I love them too. He loves them plain or even dipped in mustard. Well, if it ends up Noah has to stay GF (Here is for hoping not!) and CF then we are going to have to make a trip to Maryland - because there is a place called Noah's Pretzels (appropriate, huh?) that serves GFCF pretzels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IN A MALL! Oh I cannot imagine the normalcy of that!!!!

Anyways, just had to share two huge Celiac milestones in my life. A place to get GF pizza that I do not have to drive HOURS to or even take a flight and then a cab to get to and even delivers - and a place that serves GFCF pretzels in a mall! Amazing how far it has all come in 14 years!!!!

Daddy is home!!!

Josh has been out of town with work a bit more lately, so I thought I would post a couple of pictures of my boys together!!! The jobsite Josh was on is now about finished, so we have him home and are VERY happy!!!!

Josh & Noah mopping our entryway:)
Josh & Noah on their first bike ride together!!!
Josh said they had more fun on their first ride! He said Noah waved and said "Hi" to everyone they passed!!!!
We are all doing well! Josh's knee is really improving and Noah is just a sweetie and talking up a storm. He loves the words purple, pretzel, puzzle and Josh. He will say Josh over and over....which really cracks us up, which is probably why he repeats it so much. :)