Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa is at the Mall!

Merry Christmas To All!!!

I LOVE these pictures. Noah was SO unbelievably happy. The pictures are out of order and will not switch for me....but here is the story, Andy was asleep when we got there. I plunked him in Santa's lap and we got that adorable second picture! He sat there for a good couple of minutes, which was just amazing, then he lost it. All in all, success if you ask me! Noah was just unbelievably happy and excited... 1. We were at the mall. He LOVES shopping and LOVES the mall. 2. Santa, his buddy, was there! 3. His other buddy, his Daddy, was there too! Josh had off work on Dec. 18th, because we needed to drive to Houston for Noah's appt., so we headed to the mall for when Santa opened. We ate some chick-fil-a, then headed to College Station to have dinner with Uncle Chris and then to drive through Santa's Wonderland in Millican. WOW that was fun. We did it every year in college, but it has been awhile. We had gone to BLORA Nature in Lights in Belton this year, but Andy slept through that and Noah just thought it was fun. But Santa's Wonderland is just beyond magical and Noah and Andy kept saying "ooooh" and "aaahh" and absolutely loved it! When Noah saw the Santa in the village he was amazed Santa made it from the mall to the Wonderland both on the same day he did those things. It was so cute.

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