Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Doll House Redo!

Back when Miss Em was a tiny baby my aunt found a doll house at a garage sale that came with lots of little parts.  A swingset, garage, sandbox, kitchen etc.  The brand is Ryan's Room.  It was adorable but had been well loved and needed some major TLC.  My Dad was a huge help trying to paint it all white.  The previous owner had let their kids water color paint the house, so covering it proved difficult.  A few coats of Kilz spray paint and then white paint and it looked fresh as new.  

My Dad even cut out a back for me, so Josh and I set out to wallpaper each room.  It was a fun project to do together!  We used Matte Mod Podge and did a light even coat under, smoothed the paper out on top and did a coat over the top of the paper when we were done.  

For the furniture, the ones that had been painted with watercolors, I used Kilz spray and then some Martha Stewart paints to make them fun for Miss Em.  The little frames have plastic inserts, so not glass and were only $.50 at Michaels.  I put them on with 3M strips.

I also found the little rugs at Michaels.  They were also $.50 a piece and were just little doilies made from yarn.  SO precious!

I found the plates at Hobby Lobby in the doll house section.  I did not want too many tiny pieces, since Emma is still small, so I only bought these.  I painted them the fun colors and put them on with a bit of ticky tac.

The cushions that came with the set were a wonderful burnt orange felt...and I do not sew!  My Mom and I say if we can glue it we can do it:)  So I bought some adhesive iron on strips at target and a fat quarter and ten minutes later had recovered the cushions!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our little dollhouse!  

Friday, October 3, 2014

I have not blogged in WAY too long.  I am not quite sure what made me go on a blog reading adventure tonight, but looking back through old posts it made me a tad sad I have not blogged since Noah first started kindergarten, so two years!!!  I may never fill in that gap, but now that Emma is getting to the point of saying super cute and funny things I am hoping to document it all like I did with our boys.

So.... Noah is seven.  The sweet, kind, big hearted, helpful boy is a big second grader!  Andy is five, ALMOST six! and is funny as ever, an amazing big brother, and awesome at chores.  He is in kindergarten.  Miss Emma is cute as a button, loves to laugh and tickle people, can be fierce when needed, but loves to give hugs and say "Mama, I miss you.  Mama, I love you."

Here are a few pictures from this week!  The boys all dressed up for picture day.  It is the only school day in the year Noah will agree to a button down :)  And Miss Emma and her cradle from Granny and Grampy and the sweet quilt Beth sent her for her baby dolls!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Yippee Thanksgiving!!

We have had a great start to the week!! We started Monday by making t shirts. You draw on sandpaper, then iron the image onto your shirts. The boys loved that!

In the early afternoon the boys started getting rambunctious. I suggested we go for a surprise. We quickly packed lunches in our lunch boxes and off we went. The boys were so excited! We ended up going to Pepper Creek Trail and walked for two whole hours! The boys counted 132 fuzzy caterpillars, one very long snake and tons of grasshoppers. It was such a fun time. Miss Emma slept the entire walk. The fresh air and movement must have felt good to her too:) It was so very nice to be with all three kids. Noah home from school. We were In no hurry. No agenda. No rush for an early bedtime. No hoemwork. No worries. No need to keep our volume down or our feet slow. It was the best afternoon.
Picnic lunches always taste better!!!
Sweet sleepy girl

Such a good day!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Aggie party!

This past weekend our kids attended their first Aggie party for the game against the gators. We spent a nice and crazy time with Katie and her absolutely adorable kids. I really love spending time with them!!

Our first ever picture of us and our baby girls:) I hope they will someday be as close as Katie and I!l
Getting them all too look would have been an Olympic feat!
It was so fun to see how sweet Katie's little ones were with Emma. It was also neat to see her little boy L and Andy play so well together. They really are little buds! We had a blast!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Baking cookies!

We recently realized it had been a long time since we last baked and decorated cookies. When Noah was small and Andy was a baby we decorated cookies often. We decided it was about time to do it again! It was really fun! Josh is always fun to mix the cookies and help the boys. We decided we would bake them one day and ice them the next! It ended up being a fun and silly time!

Look Mama, messy!



Saturday, September 1, 2012

Emma bird!

Josh and the boys have found themselves calling our sweet girl Emma bird. Not sure who or now it started, but it has definitely stuck!!

Emma is an amazing baby! She is eleven weeks old now and such a joy. Her smile radiates into her beautiful eyes and she is very easy going.

A few things about Miss Em...

She is a great sleeper!! She has been sleeping through the night for weeks now. On occasion she wakes at 5 in the morning, but that is after having gone to bed around 8 or 9. About five mornings a week she sleeps til about 6! She can truly fall asleep anywhere!

She loves to play pat a cake! She smiles and laughs every time! When she is really tickled she sticks her little tongue out!

Emma loves when you say "how big is Emma?" then lift her hands over her head and you say "so big!"

She loves her tummy time mat, but not on her tummy! Her favorite thing is her mobile over her bed. When you turn it on she kicks her little legs and smiles!

Emma is not a fan of being held when going to sleep! When she starts getting sleepy at night we have to just lay her in bed for her to go to sleep on her own. So different than any other baby I have ever met, I hope that continues through her being a toddler!!!

Yesterday she picked up a toy for the first time! I laid a little horse toy by her and she picked it up and put it to her mouth! She did it again today but when she dropped it she got a tad annoyed that she could not pick it back up. It was insanely cute!

I really love being her mommy! We are all so in love with her!!!!

Andy made a joke!


There is something about Andy. He has a will to make others laugh and smile. He has always loved picking me flowers, because he knew I would smile. He loves being goofy or singing me a song, because he knows I will smile and today he made his first joke!!!
At the lunch table the boys were eating grapes. Andy said "Noah, do you have a baby in your belly?" Noah continued to eat some tiny grapes and said "no". Andy then said "yes you do, you have baby grapes in your belly!" then he busted out laughing! I love his sense of humor!!!