Monday, March 29, 2010

C25K Week 1 Day 2

Wow.  So I thought day one was bad, little did I know today I would come home and feel like I could barely walk!  It felt really good to get out and do it though!  I finished the entire session and Josh and the boys came.  Josh pushed them in the stroller, so during the walking periods I would walk back to them.  It worked out really well.  Noah thought I was hilarious running.  It was sweet.  I hope I can walk tomorrow!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

We really hope that you have a wonderful day today! We love you so much and wish we could celebrate with you! I LOVE that a couple of birthdays ago Noah was calling you Nana, then last year NanaGranny, this year he is calling you Granny and Andy is calling you Nana! No matter what we call you, we love you so much! :) Have a wonderful day!

p.s. please excuse the bits of whining in the video! We had just finished dinner and the boys were VERY tired!

C25K Week 1 Day 1

Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh. I am pooped. It felt good to get out and run, but I am exhausted. I am really hoping to stick with this. I started it last fall, but the winter got in my way and I stopped running. I am determined to run a 5k by my 30th birthday in August! So...week 1 day 1, done. Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Brotherly Love!

Words cannot describe how happy these moments made me.
Watching Noah "read" to Andy, while the two of them sat so still together.
My two boys laying down to watch a movie, so excited to be by one another.

For months and months we have played this referee game, keeping the two boys apart or one always within our arms distance. Noah was just twenty one months old when Andy was born and did not know his strength at all. He is a sweet boy, but once Andy got mobile Noah thought they could "crash" like the cars do in the movie Cars. Well, not a good idea! Slowly Noah has grasped the idea of pretend and now understands that his actions can cause someone to hurt and that is not good. Andy is also more mobile now and not often still, so it is very rare for them to be together long enough for a photo, let alone long enough to enjoy time together. This past week they want to be together at all time. When we drop Noah off a MDO, Andy cries "Wowah, Wowah" for Noah when we leave. When I put Andy in bed, he has been wanting Noah to lay down on the floor by his crib as he falls asleep. It is the sweetest thing. It makes me so happy to have both these adorable boys and makes me excited about the future! It was crazy around here having them so close together at first, but it is really amazing now, seeing this sweet connection. Hard to believe in three months time, Andy will be the age Noah was when Andy was born. I cannot even fathom doing that again! I just love it now though and am so happy our boys are becoming such sweet friends:)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little boy?

Noah just informed me that when he gets bigger not only will he do my dishes and put Andy to bed, but that he will carry Andy around in his belly. Wow. I think too many of his friends in MDO have Mama's that are pregnant!

Josh asked Noah last night "Some day, do you think you will be a Daddy?" Noah answered "No Daddy, that is silly, I am a Noah!"

Tonight while I was cooking dinner I let the boys color at the table with markers. All of a sudden Noah said "I am just like that man!" I said, "What man?" He responded, "the one with all the tattoos." I looked over and he had written all over his legs with a brown marker and said they were tattoos. Okay, where in the world did he learn that the ink on people is tattoos rather than the little fake ones we do? And what man? I hope he did not say anything to said man about said tattoos. Noah announcing to someone driving by us with their window down that their car was "DIIIIRRRTY" was bad enough.

He also informed me that the paper towels at home have the same flowers as at school. And that my hair is so cute. And my earrings are adorable. And my shoes are pretty. And my toe nail polish was just SO pink. This boy notices everything and is going to make some girl very happy some day with all these compliments and his ability to notice change!

He has also informed me that when he is older and goes to work he will take his tools to work just like Daddy does. But he is not going to build buildings, he will be building Christmas trees.

He also answered my phone today! I was in the potty and my phone rang. It was on the kitchen counter. I heard him say "Hello!" "Oh, Hi Granny" then he paused...then said "MAMA! Granny's on the phone!"

Where oh where did my little boy go? Oh where oh where could he be?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Andy Says....

Andy has really started talking lately!!! He says...
turtle (probably his most used word, he LOVES turtles!)
peesh (please)
tant too (thank you)
Wowah (Noah)
Nana (banana)
Nana (Granny)
BB (Grampy)
Da (Daddy)
Awie (Allie)
Mimi (Amy)
Uh Oh
Boo (Book)
I Ow You (I love You)
Why (for Super Why)
Whoo Whoo (train)
Awe Aboar! (All Aboard!)
Vaarroooom (car)
Apple (for any round fruit!)
He also says some animal sounds, Baaa, Neigh, Ruff ruff, and Meow!
He is growing up SO fast! I just scheduled his 18 month appointment. It is hard to believe he is almost a year and a half old!!!! He LOVES playing outside, climbing up onto the kitchen table, eating (mainly fruits!), reading books, and not sleeping:) I love experiencing new things with him. Noah is always trying to teach him new words and Andy is such a little mimic! We are working hard on Granddaddy and Grandma Judy, but I think those may be too hard for now! I am sure he will come up with a nickname for them soon, too! He said Andy a couple of times, but does not say it anymore - maybe again soon!

Driving Queen!

Picnics and Parks!

Noah cooked breakfast for all his "friends" the other morning, then made them a picnic!
One of the days my Mom was in town we went to two different parks in one day! It was so fun! We found an awesome park in a nearby town, right on the river. We will definitely go back. We also went to our neighborhood park to drive Queen and Josh's remote control truck!

The boys really love driving Queen. Andy cannot reach the pedals,
but Noah is so good letting Andy ride along with him!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rodeo Houston!

We had so much fun at the rodeo with my folks!!!! The carnival was so fun. We played a couple of toss games and Josh, Noah and I even rode the bumper cars. Noah absolutely loved it!!!! He loved crashing. (no surprise there!) Noah and Andy were so excited to see the horses come in. Andy kept saying "Baaaa" and would shake his head back and forth. I guess he thought they were sheep!
Andy LOVED the petting zoo. Noah wanted me to carry him around, but Andy wanted to lay on all the animals, hug them, kiss them, and just love on them. He was unbelievably gentle and would run from animal to animal yelling "oooooh! oooooh!" It was nearly impossible to get a picture, because he was so excited and so fast!
Noah's second favorite thing at the Rodeo Houston (as Noah called it) was getting to sit in the tractor! He was so excited about it. I think he really thought they were going to go!

Andy loved the tractor too!
Noah is usually VERY afraid of fireworks. He has not enjoyed on New Year, Fourth of July, or previous rodeo performance because of them. My Mom worked a lot with him on putting his fingers in his ears - and we had success!!!!!
Here is our big boy! Watching the fireworks, with fingers in ears, and ENJOYING them!
BUT...the fireworks were not Noah's most favorite thing at the rodeo. LEON COFFEE was! Who is Leon Coffee, you ask? He is the rodeo clown. That we have been hearing about for a week straight! And it is HILARIOUS. When Noah says "Leon Coffee" it is with this hilarious Cajun sounding accent, just like the announcer had when introducing Leon. So funny.

Andy had more fun playing peak-a-boo with a bandanna my Dad got for him. :)

It was a really fun day!
We all had a blast!!!!

This past month....

We have been SO busy lately, which is good and bad! We have enjoyed some really fun times with family and friends.

I went to Arizona to visit my sweet friend, Beth and her adorable family. I had so much fun and absolutely wish we lived a bike ride away from one another like we did as kids. I could just see our kiddos being the best of friends. Hopefully some day they will be!
We did a lot of fun trips during my stay in AZ, but mainly snuggling her kiddos and visiting was my favorite. BUT, Beth pulled out the most hilarious things....all the letters I wrote her when we were younger! I have not laughed that hard, or cried that hard from laughing in a long time! There was some funny stuff in there. Like me telling Beth how badly I missed her and that we would go to the grave being best of friends, even if I lived in Saudi Arabia and she lived in Afghanistan, because we would still write letters back and forth and stay close friends!!!! I laughed so hard I about fell off the couch. My geography is not the best even now, but seriously? Texas and Arizona may just be closer than Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan! I really enjoyed the little things I had to say about Kristin in those letters. Especially the one where I was telling Beth about a conversation Kristin and I had about her going off to college. I guess I said to Kristin that I thought it was going to be "so cool we she went off to school, I would have the whole upstairs to myself." And Kristin's response was "Yeah, so you may have the whole upstairs to yourself, but the whole world will be my playground!" Then I guess my parents response was that she could have the whole world as her playground only if they gave her permission! HA! It seriously cracked me up. I did not remember that or actually writing most of the letters, which made me sad. I realized how huge a part of my life Beth was when I was sick and how I wrote her at every weight check etc, and it just really made me realize how much I miss and love her! It was such a fun trip and I truly cannot wait to see her again! (AND FOR HER TO MEET ANDY!)

We then went to the zoo, Children's museum and the park many many times when I returned home. Got sick a couple of times, including me developing some sort of crazy bronchial induced asthma and then I went to North Carolina to help another dear friend travel back to Texas with her little boy. It was such a sweet time with them both, meeting friends and family along the way. I will never forget that trip. We had so much fun driving and chatting, but it was strange to be away from my kids twice like that! I am so focused on being a Mommy I realize at times without my kids they are ALL I think about or all I can talk about.

When I got home from that trip we went to West Texas to celebrate Josh's grandfather's 90th birthday and had a really fun time with all the little cousins. The boys absolutely loved playing with all the kiddos.

Pop opening his birthday presents
We came home and made a really quick trip to take some pictures with my folks for my Mom for her birthday and to go to the rodeo. I so wished we could have seen all our sweet friends from our old hometown, but the trip was just too fast! The day of our picture taking was fun, but so full. We started off going to the mall for pictures and ended up playing on the carousel and indoor playground too. After all that finished, we were off to the rodeo!