Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Andy!

Our dear sweet Andy. You are truly one of the two brightest apples of my eye. You and your brother both are so important to me. Each and every moment of every day I get to spend with you is such a blessing. I miss you terribly for the couple of hours a week you are at school and my heart swells when you run into my arms saying you missed me and are ready to go home. Each day as we get in the car you ask me "Mama, what was your day like?" You truly care. You have such a big heart and such a caring personality. It is so obvious how much you love your Mama and your Daddy. Or lately, as you have been saying your Mommy and your Dad.

The years have blown by. I look at how quickly you have reached three, how quickly Noah has reached four and realize these are truly the best days of my life. Having you two home with me. I am so lucky. I am so blessed. All because of you two and your Daddy. Thank you for that sweet pea!

Your favorite things lately are legos, anything chocolate, drawing and coloring, practicing writing your letters (A, H, T, F, X, and O) and riding on the toys in the yard. Most of all though, you love your red crab sandbox. You could stay in it all day if I let you. Your favorite foods are pizza, fettuccine alfredo, goldfish, and tiny oranges. Your favorite color is yellow. You have a yellow room, yellow shoes, yellow clothes, and you say you even have yellow hair:) I love that about you! You decide you want or like something and you stick with it! It is adorable! Tonight you were sitting on the couch with your Daddy and I. We were looking through your baby things. Your bracelet from the hospital. Your take home outfit, the sweet little hat, shirt and blanket from the hospital. After seeing the tiny diaper, you looked at me and said "Oh, I was just a little baby doll." It was such a sweet thought you had, and such a true statement. Our sweet baby doll.

When out taking your picture the other day, you saw flowers. You just KNEW your Mama needed a yellow flower. I love that every time you see flowers you pick them for me:)

You just think I am still so funny! I love that! I love laughing with you and playing with you. You have such an infectious and fun laugh!

You are so handsome!!! You have grown so much in the last year and I just love you absolutely to pieces! I wish I could pause time and enjoy this time with you even longer, but am so blessed to get to spend each day with you:)

Just thinking back to the past year, it amazes me how much you have grown and changed! Our sweet Andy at age. 2.
We love you so much our sweet three year old! Words cannot express how much we love you and how much we love spending time with you!!! HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY ANDY!