Friday, July 17, 2009

So much new!!!

I barely know where to begin!!! I will start with the newest news! Andy turned nine months old!!! He is such a sweetheart. LOVES to eat. His favorite things are perky-o's (gluten free cheerios) broken into bits and crackers, followed closely by ALL his fruits and veggies. He can pull up with absolute ease, take ten steps behind a push car, clapped once, just broke through with his fifth tooth, and says "What's that?" "ball" "Mama" and "duck" fairly regularly...with an occasional clock and book thrown in:) He is learning so fast and at least a hundred times a day he points and says "what's that?" I have a feeling he will be talking in sentences before long! He is definitely a Mama's boy. He does not like for me to get out of his sight, which is great for my ego, but definitely hard when I am trying to get things done! He is such an easy going kiddo, who rarely cries and tries so hard to get us to laugh!

AND....On to some HUGE news! Here is Noah, just a couple of hours ago!!!

I can hardly believe big boy, in a big boy bed. Sheesh. He was so excited and so proud of himself! It is hard to believe that he is two and a half and sleeping in a toddler bed. Sigh. I love the second picture of him, so proud, under his Cars blanket laying on my black and cream toile pillow. He HAS to sleep with "Mama's" pillow. He is absolutely adamant. It does not matter which of my pillow cases it is, as long as it is floral...because that is how he knows it is mine. SO sweet.

I realize I have not even posted since Noah's surgery! Too much has been going on! We got to the hospital that morning and checked in. We went and sat in a waiting room made my the Ronald McDonald foundation. It was amazing. I feel like everytime I have a big scary moment in my life, I find myself in a Ronald McDonald sponsored place and I get comfort now from those surroundings. First, when I was a Senior in HS and went to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and stayed at the house for a week, second when Noah was in the NICU at Texas Children's as a newborn and Josh and I stayed at Ronald McDonald...and now. They really had a nice facility to relax in. Once they called Noah back they gave him some versed. He immediately got very loopy and SO silly. He was hilarious! He was wearing the sweetest hospital gown with an adorable circus theme on it and would lay back, start laughing hysterically and would say "get down, be right back" attempt to sit up to fall back sleepily and bust out laughing again. It was so funny. They had the coolest toy, called the distractor, and he was enamored! It had huge lights and bubbles and a projector with fish. It was a life saver. He was loopy enough when they took him back that he went easily. They called Josh and I periodically throughout the surgery on our cell phone with updates from the ER, which was so nice. He did great and finished faster than was anticipated! They ended up putting one coil in his artery, but a small amount of blood is still getting by. We will go back on December 18th for a follow up echo to see if the tissue in that artery has closed around the coil. The doctor feels very certain that it will close up on its own in the next couple of years and another surgery will not be necessary! We really feel like our prayers have been answered!
We finally sold our house and moved out of both it and the apartment last week! We are renting a house in our new city and it is SO nice to get settled and unpacked after so many months of being between places! Noah has taken to the new house very quickly and tells everyone he "likes it" and his favorite rooms are "the playroom and Mama Daddy's room."
I have been TERRIBLE about taking pictures the last couple of I will have to take some more to show how much these boys have grown! More updates coming soon!!!

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