Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All kinds of info....

I do not even know where to begin, it has been SO long since I last posted. Life has gotten in the way of my blogging!!! :)

We are doing well. The boys are growing like weeds. Noah talks A LOT! My Mom brought him donuts and said they were from Houston, then he wakes up and asked for "Houston Donuts!" His memory is uncanny! He is such a sweetheart. He was playing with his blocks this morning, pretending they were trains...or rather, the "Noah Express." He had all kinds of little animals and figurines lined up to take a ride. He would say "All Aboard" and then make choo-choo noises and give each one a ride. One of the blocks was where he wanted to put another one and he pretended like the blocks were talking and said "Excuse me, block." Ha! It cracked me up! I love that he is developing manners. He was playing with a toy goat and made it pretend to eat a carrot...and then said "Oh, forgot prayer!"

Andy started eating meat today! He is also working on four teeth at once! All four of his front teeth....he loves to grind them. I remember when Noah used to do that. I cannot wait for Andy to stop!:) He is pulling up on EVERYTHING and crawling everywhere. He can go so fast! His newest fascination is the DVD player. He LOVES pushing the buttons:)

Our house finally got an offer, then another, then they both increased their offers and we got to choose one! It was VERY exciting, and funny too...our house was on the market six months with no offers, then two came through within a day of one another! Their option period just ended, so we are very excited about that. We have looked at a LOT of houses. So many they have all run together. Some we loved, some we hated, some that really creeped us out. We started off really wanting a house similar in size to what we had (and still do, honestly) but have found the housing market is much more expensive in the Belton area and to get in a good neighborhood, a smaller house (3 bedrooms) will fit our budget better. We found a cute house in a great area and they accepted our offer! Less than a month to go and we get to start the move!

So, we have a lot to be excited about! My Dad is fishing in Alaska and it sounds like he is having an amazing time! My Mom came for a couple of days and helped out with our house hunt and Josh and I are looking forward to finally get settled in our new city and cannot wait to have all of our things again! I know Noah will be SO excited to have his playhouse and swing set again readily available for playing!

Noah's surgery is this upcoming Friday the 19th at Texas Children's. The nurse practitioner said it will take at least 3-4 hours for the surgery and at least 6 hours of recovery. I know he will be fine, but I am still a nervous wreck. I hate that he has to go through this. I am thankful for anesthesia for him. He has been talking for weeks about the "doctor's that hurt Noah" in reference to getting his blood taken for allergy testing. Sheesh. Who knows what he will think about all this!?! Please pray for the doctor's ability to fix Noah's PDA and for Noah to not be scared.

I have so many pictures to post it is practically overwhelming! Maybe once we get settled I will get better about posting!!!!


P P said...

I pray all will be well with Noah's surgery and that in just a short month you will have your move behind you and all settled again.
Love Dad

Rhandi said...

We will be praying for Noah and the family on Friday and this weekend. We are so excited that ya'll will be in the area soon and around for more playdates!

Emily said...

I will be praying for Noah tomorrow - as I know how scary this will be for you and him.

Oh, if you get a moment... you may wanna check my blog ~wink wink~