Monday, July 27, 2009


We had a visit yesterday from Josh's folks and the boys had a lot of fun!
Noah and Granddaddy had their first golf lesson! They got Noah the cutest little clubs and he thought he was so cool to be playing golf!

Andy enjoyed his time showing off his newest skill - pushing the Elmo car! He can go all the way from the playroom into the living room, running over other toys or whatever is in his way as he goes!
It was a fun day!

To update everyone on what my mention of my new crazy idea was a couple of posts back....I am doing this running program called C25K. Basically, couch to 5k! I did not want to mention too much about it until I knew if I really would follow through, but so far so good! I am excited to get out and get moving again and Josh is being so supportive and excited for me! I have gone out three nights in a row, am kind of sore, but just keep hoping I will continue to enjoy this as much as I am now! If I can continue this and keep up the training my first 5k will be in September! Wish me luck!

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Super Wise said...

That's great, Eric has used that to train before. It works well. Keep it up.