Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mama Darren...

Noah really is cracking me up lately! I most often call Josh by his whole name, Joshua Darren. I always have. So Noah is big into what everything and everyone is named lately. At lunch yesterday, he was munching away and looked up and said something to me and followed it with "Okay, Mama Darren?" I wanted so bad to bust out laughing, but Noah is very sensitive at times to being laughed "at" so I just smiled and told him how cute he was, but that yes, his Daddy is named Joshua Darren, but Mama is Amy then it was Mama Jo. SO funny.

We went to the mall to play and I met two really nice Mom's. Noah decided one of the ladies adorable little girls should be called Baby Tiny....I guess because she is a baby and is tiny? Funny kiddo!

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