Monday, July 20, 2009

His Name is Soup...

I get such a laugh over Noah. He truly could not be funnier if he tried! Yesterday we went to a pot luck lunch after church. Josh was sitting with Noah and Andy and I were together. One of the hostesses kiddos was sitting across the table from Josh and Noah eating soup. Noah kept pointing at the little boy saying "What's that?" Josh responded multiple times to the question with the answer of "Soup," thinking Noah was referring to the bowl and not the kid. After leaving I asked Noah, did you have fun? He said, "Yes, Mama, soup fun!" I thought, huh? I did not know he ate the soup! Josh said, nope, Noah did not eat the soup. I asked a couple more questions and Noah finally said "Boy fun, boy named Soup!" I seriously could not make these things up if I tried!

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