Saturday, July 25, 2009

I love our boys!

This past month has been the busiest we have ever experienced. Getting settled in a new house with two boys is a huge chore. Thank you so much to everyone that helped us get moved and settled! We have just a handful of boxes left and I cannot wait to get pictures hung, etc. It is nice to feel like we are home again!

Since I have not posted that many pictures, mainly because of my lack of picture taking in the last are some of my favorites off of my parents camera....

Andy playing in our new playroom with some new toys!
Andy swinging at camp ground playground where my folks stayed in their new RV
WOW, that is cold! Keeping Andy busy at our old house with a hunk of ice:)
That was not so bad!
Such a sweet face on such a sweet boy. He is such a joy!

OUR TWO BOYS! Playing in our old house...
Swinging together at the playground!

Noah, he has grown so much! Catching yet another fish! He is getting so good!
Playing in Lightning McQueen at Toys R Us! He LOVES Cars!
He was so excited over his Grampy's baseball cake - yum!
Noah on Lake Belton. I LOVE him so much and I love how he loves the outdoors! I think he would live outside if we let him:)
Thanks Mom & Dad for letting me steal your camera so I can update everyone on our sweet boys! We have been having a fun time the past couple of days! Late yesterday afternoon we went to the splash park and met some girls from a playgroup we joined, it was so nice to get to visit with other Mom's and let Noah play. This morning we went back to the splash park with Daddy and Andy got to get wet too! We had so much fun. Andy was very hesitant at first, but definitely got into it and totally soaked by the time we left!
I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend as much as we are!

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P P said...

We loved our visit and the boys were a joy. We love the four of you dearly.