Monday, February 28, 2011

Texas Snow!

Having been born and raised in Texas, a ground sticking snow just does not happen often!  The week of our big snow the boys were with my folks at their house, while I frantically cleaned out closets, did laundry, sorted through old toys and prepared for a garage sale, that we thought would not happen, because of the snow!

I seriously purged our house.  The boys closets went from mayhem to a nice place for the things, without needing a hazard sign when the doors were opened.  My closet was rid of all things that do not fit, and the kitchen cabinets were purged of all things either too bulky or just not used!  It felt good! 

The night the snow came Josh and I were like little kids!  We kept running outside in the dark to feel the flakes on our faces.  It was so fun!  We even woke up at 2 in the morning to see if it was still snowing, and it was!  We woke up the next morning to this!  Josh’s work was cancelled, which was awesome, because he had already taken the day off to help me around the house.  We finished up a lot of things, and then even ventured into the garage to work in there for a bit.  BUT then the ice on the driveway started to refreeze and so did my fingertips, so we moved back inside to get more done. 

Saturday morning we woke up to ice and snow still in the grass, but a forecast that looked like it should really warm up.  We set up our garage sale out front, opting instead for a yard sale since our alley was still VERY slippery because it is in the shade.  The awesome thing – we ended up having VERY good business and made almost $500!  We still have a lot to donate, but I refused to let it all come back in the house.  We boxed it all up and this upcoming weekend I am hoping to get Josh to take it all to goodwill.  I have a couple of things to sell on ebay/craigslist, but the rest of it I just want gone!!!  Such a good feeling!  I still have one closet I have not fully tackled, but out of the 6 total, it feels good to have only one left!

Here are the fun pictures we took the morning of the snow!  I was SO very sad the boys missed it, but was thankful to be there with Josh and hopeful the boys would see at least some flakes in the weeks to come (which thankfully they did!)






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