Thursday, February 24, 2011


Noah loves sports.  He could hit a ball in the yard for hours, kick a ball in the grass for an entire afternoon, and really loves watching sports.  We enjoyed many baseball games last year and a couple of football games too.  All that being said, I do not think Noah has ever watched a soccer game.  His uncle Chris had been to Spain and brought him back a really cool soccer ball this year, and for his second birthday Chris got him a soccer ball I think in Barcelona – so the interest has been sparked for awhile!  Quite a few of his little school and church friends were going to sign up for soccer, so we asked Noah if he wanted to and he was SO excited about it!

This past Saturday I took Noah shopping for all his gear.  Andy was so sweet at the store and got his own soccer ball too!  Noah did not let me forget a thing!  We needed…

-size 3 soccer ball

-soccer socks

-shin guards



-water bottle

As we maneuvered through the store Noah was keeping a running tab of what we found and what we still needed to get.  It was neat watching him make sure we had everything and helping me find the best price and the right size.  He was unbelievably helpful and the entire time Andy was just so sweet and excited for Noah.  It was a really special trip for me and them, it just showed how much they love each other.  Andy excited for Noah, Noah wanting to include Andy by showing him things and asking him what he thought, and even asking me if we could get Andy a ball.  It was a good good moment!

I got a big laugh in the store.  Noah asked me MANY times how the shin guards would fit.  I kept telling him I went by the measurements and I thought they would be fine.  He persisted.  Finally I asked him to repeat his question and I finally heard it “Mama, how are these chin guards gonna fit?”  I finally realized he thought they were going on his chin and he could not figure our how those long things could fit on his face!!!  I explained what a shin is and how shin guards worked and he was good to go!

Soccer practice day was so exciting for Noah!  He could not wait!  He was seriously hugging all his new things right before getting ready!


In the house Noah looked so big and so cute to me!  I took him outside to take some more photos while Andy finished his nap and was so tickled when he started posing for me!  He does not look four, he looks so big to me!




This picture.  It is not helping me at all.  Makes my eyes fill with tears and my heart swell.  I cannot believe this is my little baby.  Our 7 pound 7 ounce little Noah.  WOW.  He is so handsome and so sweet and so big and so funny and so athletic and so smart and…..  well, you see where I am going.  I. am. in. love.



On the way to practice Noah was really excited.  He was excited about his uniform.  He was excited about his friends being there.  He was excited about his Daddy helping the coach.  And then he said “Mama, I am so excited.  What channels are we going to be on?”  I said “Noah, what?” He said “You know Mama, on the TV, what channel will be on tonight while I play soccer?”  OH our sweet boy.  I love that he thought his soccer practice would be televised.  I love the innocence of this sweet little boy.  I LOVE that he thinks the world would want to watch him play.  I know I cannot think of anything I would have rather done that night!!!! 



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P P said...

Cant wait to see you guys at the first game on Saturday.