Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mike and Sully are Comin'?

Noah: "Okay, Andy. We are hiding from the bad monsters. We are in jail. Mike and Sully are comin' for us."

Andy: "But Mike'l scare me."

Noah: "It's okay Andy, Mike and Sully are good monsters."

Andy: "You're not scared?"

Noah: "Nope, but Boo will be there. She will rescue us too."

Andy: "Really , Boo's comin'?"

Noah: "Yeah, they are comin' from the factory."

Andy: "Noah, shhhhhh be quiet. They find us. SHHHHHHH"

Noah: "Remember we are not gonna hit Sully. We are not going to hit Mike. We not gonna hit Boo. They are our friends. You can hold Boo in your lap."

Andy: "I like Boo! Mike comin'! Boo comin'! I hold Mike!"

Noah: "Andy, you can't hold Mike, he is a big boy. A big monster, not a baby. He is too big. Ya know, not as big as Sully, but he is big. You are little!"

Andy: "Mama, Mike is comin'!!!!"

Noah: "SHHHH Andy, the bad monsters will find you! Don't talk to Mama!"

Noah: "See this blanket. We are going to share it. No worry Andy. Mike is going to be nice. He will talk to you. He will not roar. Like, this, ROAR! He will just talk."

....The boys popped out from under the couch's table to tell me their friends the nice Monsters were coming! I think Andy is going to be really sad when he finds out all of this is pretend!!!!! I know one thing, they may have seen Monsters Inc. one too many times recently:)

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