Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ice Packs or cold snacks?

Most nights we go for walks after dinner. Tonight Noah walked the first quarter mile or so while Andy rode in the stroller. Noah was starting to get tired, so he asked when he could get in the stroller with Andy. I told him he could at the cul de sac. A little while longer he kept asking me something about the cold ice pack. I told him it was home and in the freezer. Josh then started laughing and said, "Noah, what did you say again?" Noah repeated but added a bit and said "Mama said I could get in at the cold ice pack, I am getting tired!" It was SO funny. I loved that he heard cold ice pack instead of cul de sac! Noah got in the stroller and Josh and I walked about a mile and a half and made it back to the cul de sac. We had decided Andy could walk that quarter of a mile back home, in hopes he would be good and worn out and ready or bed! When we approached the cul de sac Andy said, "look Mama, the cold snacks, the cold snacks!" We were really cracking up by then, wondering what the cul de sac might be called next:)

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