Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Polar Express

Our little guys are HUGE Polar Express fans. They love all things Christmas and all things related to trains, so that combination of things makes two very excited boys and two very happy parents!

When we first arrived in Palestine the boys were very hungry! They had food carts outside of the station, so the boys had hot dogs. Andy was so cute, because it was his first hotdog with a bun, he did not understand you are supposed to leave the meat in the bun.



The adorable train station!!! SO cute.


TWO very excited little boys!!!



Before boarding the train we went exploring! It was so cute watching the boys play on the tracks that were not operational. Normally we would not let them on tracks, so they thought this was really neat!



My new all time favorite photo. The sweetest little boys I know.







After getting to check out the train in person and listen to the whistle (and cover our ears because of the whistle!) we finally got to board! We were SO excited! DSC_0064DSC_0062

Andy and Noah were so excited to hold their tickets and wait for the conductor to come punch it! Noah kept asking what word they might punch on his! Right after everyone got seated the music started….and they were playing the “hot chocolate” song from the movie. Next thing we knew the waiters were dancing down the aisle with a cart passing out hot chocolate and little Christmas colored rice krispie treats. The boys were SO excited, dancing and having fun!


Noah loved looking out the window!


We were really enjoying our ride. It was so fun to go so far on a train! After going halfway we saw the North Pole and Santa got on the train!!!

When Andy realized Santa was getting on the train he got SO excited. The look on his face was priceless!


Our trip to the Mall Santa this year was unsuccessful, so I was one happy Mama to get a Santa photo!



We really had the best time on our little family trip to Polar Express! The boys had so much fun and so did Josh and I! We ended our night at our hotel swimming in the pool with Daddy!!! We truly cannot wait until next year!

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