Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So nice...

The school year is going along well! Andy was a little hesitant at drop off last week and did not seem to happy with me at pick up either. This morning on the way to school we had a chat. We talked about how me leaving means.... I ALWAYS come back. It also means FUN with friends. And Noah sweetly added "It means I am only TWO rooms away from you at school, Andy!" I love how supportive and helpful Noah can be. Drop off was awesome. Andy ran in his class, sat down on the little striped rug and waved bye! YIPPEE! Noah takes off running and does not look back. He just flat out loves school!

This morning I left the boys and headed for MOPS. I loved every second. Sometimes I have a hard time feeling like I fit in. A ton of the ladies are super cute, with adorable fun clothes, and funky jewelry and they all know each other because their husbands are in the residencies at our local hospital. BUT then I got to thinking.... we are ALL there for the same reason. We are stay at home Mom's...we have young children, we love God, and we want to find a bond, eat snacks, visit, talk about the bible and how to make home life easier, and do crafts! At that moment I relaxed a bit and hope to have made some more friends.

We had a really great lesson today, one that really stood out to me and I wanted to remember. One of the members read this blog post... click here to read it. I definitely plan on re-reading this over the next years as the boys grow older and our lives change. It just had so many great points!

Pick up today went great! Andy was so excited and so happy. Noah was too! We are very excited that Noah's soccer practices start tonight. Andy really wants to play too. He is not old enough until next year. I did get him a yellow pair of soccer socks though, so he can at least dress like big brother!

A few cute things... lately Noah has taken to calling Andy "And" It is just a cute little shortened nickname. Andy has continued to tell him, "Noah, my name is ANDY!" Noah said today "I know And, but I like giving you a nickname" Andy then replied "My name is not nickname, my name is Andy!" Funny!

The boys got sick over the weekend. My folks were in town yesterday, because we had all just returned from a trip to Ft Worth from one of my childhood friends weddings. I woke up and ran to the store so I could get our weekly shopping done without the kids, in case they did not start feeling better. While at Wally World I picked each boy out a pair of black skeleton pj's that glow in the dark. When Noah was laying down to nap he said "Mama, my bones are hurting!" I replied "I am sorry, do they have a tag on them?" Noah then said "No Mama, my real bones, like under my skin!" Then less than five minutes later I heard Andy yelling from the closet "My bones are glowing! My bones are glowing!" I can only imagine how strange those things would sound to someone listening in but not seeing their pj's! SO funny!

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