Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School!

Such big boys.
Such an exciting day!

Running around the yard yelling - "School time!"

Being sweet and posing for pictures for Mama

(I love Andy's little legs in the background below)

Noah starting his first year of pre-school. He leaves behind him two fun years of MDO and now gets to go three mornings a week! He is super excited and cannot wait to learn to read!

Our little Mr. Andyman, he is starting his second year of MDO. He will go two mornings and is so excited to go to class with friends! He is also excited that one day a week it will just be a Mommy and Andy morning!

Time to go!

So excited!

The boys were so excited to go to their new school and had such a fun day! Andy really liked his teacher and had a great day with no accidents. He loved getting to paint and read books with Ms. Leslie. Noah was most excited about his an adorable picture he colored of an apple and a necklace he made of noodles. He said Ms. Kristie was really really nice and that he made a few new friends! All in all, a really great day!!!!

***This morning made me really stop and remember the past two years of our first days of school. I had to go back and look at my blog posts of our adorable little babies. These two have grown so much!!! Click if you want to see the posts from last year and the year before.