Thursday, September 1, 2011

Daddy's Little Helpers

Josh has been hard at work getting our  new house fixed up.  He has tiled the bathrooms, kitchen, breakfast room, and laundry room.  We have new wood floors in the living, master bedroom, and carpet in the boys rooms and upstairs.  Dad, Josh, and I (and a friend) have painted every room in the house.  We have almost finished putting in new baseboards.  Crown molding comes soon.  Josh and I painted the kitchen cabinets.  We got new counter tops, dishwasher and a sink.  We refaced the fireplace.  We have a million and one other projects still going on, but NONE of them could have happened if it was not for Daddy's Little Helpers.  They have their own measuring tapes (they call them measurements) that they bring to the hardware store along with us.  Josh was measuring for the new back splash we were headed to buy for him to install and the boys starting measuring too.  It is always good to double check the work!

                            DSC_0376 DSC_0375

Josh working on the board and batten a couple of weeks ago - more posts about that soon!


Noah "installing" baseboards.  That day Josh was running around in a swimsuit and no shirt working, so so was Noah!  I love the drink and apron sitting in the boys bathroom floor - ha!


Josh taping off the countertops getting ready to install the back splash!  We were finally putting on the cabinet doors that day (YIPPEE!) and you can see the board and batten a little in the background.  We LOVE how that turned out!


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