Thursday, September 22, 2011

I love being a Mama!

All of my life I imagined myself with little girls. Frilly little socks, the white ruffled diaper covers, embroidered dresses, princess clothes, baby dolls, and my little ponies. Seriously. I am so glad I am not the one in charge of these decisions! I feel like God just KNEW our first two children should be boys. I LOVE being a Mama to two boys! If God blesses us someday with a girl, that would be fantastic, but if not, this boy thing is fun!
Here are the reasons I love being a Mama to little boys...
*Tea parties do happen in this house! We just have them with the guests of dinosaurs, Elmo, Mickey, and all our other stuffed friends!
*Bed time stories about super powers and flying through the sky, rodeo clowns and roping, and knights and their castles are really pretty magical
*Collecting sticks, rocks, and dirt is really fun
*I now have a little one to pick bugs up and put them in the trash, back out side, or flush them for me! (Thank you Andy! Noah inherited my squirmy nature with anything creepy crawly, but Andy will bring me any lizard, cricket, spider etc with no fear!)
*Dress-up clothes are super fun, Buzz, Woody, and Cookie Monster are really fun, football players too!
*A whole day spent in the sandbox is a day well made.
*Planes, trains, and automobiles. Pretend, real, you name it...makes their day.
*Little boys are so super sweet. They love me 'to the moon and back' and I just cannot imagine life any other way.

So although a lot of these things may apply for little girls too, I really do love life with our little boys. They made get super dirty, but a warm bath and some lotion and they are the best cuddle bugs on the planet. I sure thank God everyday for knowing just what Josh and I needed. I look forward to the future and seeing if we are blessed with another child, what God thinks will be the right

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texasmomma said...

God Bless You for raising two little boys lol I thought, at one point in time up until 2 weeks before we found out, that I wanted three little boys. But having been a pre-k teacher and now a surrogate mother to a 3 year old who's mom seems to have better things to do with her life, I am definitely enjoying the thought of our little girl. But still, I would like just one boy I think. Yours are too cute :)