Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dinner Time...

Tonight at dinner my heart really swelled when I heard Noah's prayer. He was praying for the firemen and all those that had fire by them to be safe. It was such a sweet heartfelt prayer and I could tell he was so concerned about the people. He then asked me....

"Mama, is Kristin's house okay?"
.... I really had to compose myself here ...
I replied, "Noah, Kristin does not have a house here on earth. Remember sweetie, she is in heaven."
Noah then said "Is that the same heaven I will go to someday?"
"Yes Noah, if you continue to be good and learn about God and Jesus. Then when you choose you should be baptized, then keep being a good person and then a good man and believing and you can go to heaven." I said.
Noah thought for a second, then said thought after thought "When I am baptized do I have to open my eyes under the water or can I keep them closed? And will the water be deep or can I stand right back up? And do you think eleven will be a good age for that?"

...I was floored. It is amazing to me how much our little four year old knows and understands. His heart is so sweet and so pure, it is such a blessing to see.

At bedtime tonight Andy was singing a little song I had not heard before, he said...
'I love you Lord I love you Lord
I sing with ALL my might'
It was such a sweet little song!
I asked Noah where they learned it and he said at their new school. I am loving hearing all the new songs and all that they are learning about. Then Noah said, Mama it was actually a prayer, not a song. He was able to remember all the words, but now I cannot remember them and he does not want to perform :)

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