Friday, June 11, 2010

Take me out to the Ball Game! – June 5, 2010

Josh’s company had their summer get together at the Dell Diamond to watch the Round Rock Express play the Nashville Sound.  It was SO much fun!  Noah was hilarious, he was sitting in my lap saying, ‘Mama, please no talkin’, I really tryin’ to watch the ball!’  He takes baseball SO seriously. 

Well, almost as seriously as he takes himself:)…


Andy really seemed to enjoy the game too, but the highlight for him was the lemonade and popcorn his Daddy got him!   He must be going through a growth spurt, because all he wants to do is eat!


  Well, food and then getting to snuggle Daddy is ALWAYS a good thing!!!  Our boys have been missing Josh like crazy during this last job he has been doing!!!

DSC_0553 We truly cannot wait to go out to another ball game.  We all had so much fun and really enjoyed our evening!!!! 

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Josh said...

We had a few foul balls come close, but did'nt get the chance to break in our new glove! Oh well, the popcorn made up for it. Noah was very inquisative (sp, i know Amy)with every action, boo, hiss or announcment. I love this age!