Friday, June 11, 2010


Andy: ‘OOOOhhhhh, NUN-NUN!’


Mama: ‘Andy, can you look at the camera, show me Nun-Nun!’

Andy: Gazes lovingly at his new Nun-Nun


Mama: ‘Andy, what you got there?’

Andy: completely in his own world, totally unaware of his Mama’s presence…really ignoring that black thing she is waggling at him trying to get him to pose for…


**smooch, slobber, squeeze, smother….

DSC_0572    DSC_0565

Welcome to our home new Nun-Nun.  You are one loved monkey by one completely fixated, Nun-Nun focused, furry loving little fellow!  We are so happy you found us!

DSC_0568….If you did not know, our beloved first Nun-Nun, sweet yellow sock monkey, had a sad experience in our washing machine.  His face became injured and he had to be retired.  We waited ten LONG days for the new and improved Nun-Nun to come via airmail from Canada.  Each night crying out for and needing our sweet lovey.  It was one happy night when Daddy came in from work carrying the new Nun-Nun.  In a sleepy state, Andy latched onto him with both hands, said ‘NUN!’ and closed his eyes back.  Oh Nun, how we love you so! 

…If you like our Nun-Nun, you can buy your own, here.


Savannah said...

YAY i'm so glad that the new nun-nun is sufficient :)

Holly said...

Oh, that's so sweet!
Our firstborn was attached to a stuffed Pooh bear, and when he was little we actually had two, though he didn't know it...just in case something like this happened.
Thanks for visiting my blog :)