Friday, June 11, 2010

Father’s Day Present!


I will start this with Josh NEVER reads my blog….so here is for hoping he does not get a whim in the next week and two days to do so!  Anyways, what do you think?  I am so excited about how this is turning out!  I am a bit bummed that I took the middle photo horizontally and not vertically.  I took another one of the boys with that D that turned out cute, but it was way overexposed and I could not edit it to fix it.  Do you think it looks okay with the middle one horizontal or should I try to take another picture with that one?  Now I just have to figure out a frame!  I had one I liked, but then changed my mind since they are not all going the same direction.  Maybe I need to just go buy one and have a mat cut!  Honest opinions, please!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)



I received some feedback that although the horizontal picture was nice, it would be good to try to see if I could make the other one work.  The color blue in the second D above is the true color.  The color blue below is as good as I could get it:(  I really like the turquoise, it seems to pop more.  SO – more honest opinions, which one now????

take 2

Thanks, friends!  I think Josh will LOVE it!!!!

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Bliss Bloom Blog said...

I came over from your link on my blog. Your photos came out great!! Your kiddos are darling and I love the colors that you chose for the letters.