Friday, June 11, 2010

Mother’s Day Weekend!

Andy painting for the first time at the kitchen table!  He has painted outside often, but never inside.  He did great!  I was covered in paint after he was done, so no pictures of the  masterpiece:)


The boys riding in the bike trailer TOGETHER for the first time!  I was seriously nervous, but they really did great!  We only had to stop once to have a talk about behavior and the talk was with Andy, not Noah!  It was so fun to go for a bike ride all together!


I had a ton of fun decorating the house for Mother’s Day!  That Saturday both sets of our parents came over to play, eat a tasty dinner and make stepping stones.  The pictures are of Judy, my Mom, Josh, me, Kristin, Chris and the boys…I made all my favorite photos into black and white prints and hung them or placed them around the house.




We got each of our Mom’s a plant and put one on each table. 


Josh and the boys made these precious cards for me!  The one on the left was Andy’s handiwork with Josh’s help and the one on the right Noah’s.  The pictures in front are collages I had made for our Mom’s of all the photos I had hung around the house for the day.


My beautiful hydrangeas and lavender roses from my three guys!DSC_0253

Outside playing!


DSC_0285   DSC_0256 DSC_0258       

Making our stepping stones.  Hard to believe this was my fourth Mother’s Day!  I love looking back at how tiny the boys feet were in my past stepping stones!

DSC_0266DSC_0276DSC_0278We had so much fun playing all day Saturday with my folks and Josh’s.  I knew the next day would be even more fun!  I love celebrating holidays, Josh always makes me feel so special!  

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