Monday, June 14, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

DSC_0705 Noah has been playing pretend a lot lately….he came to me the other day with his little doggie and wanted a blanket wrapped around him (swaddling blanket) and a bottle.  At first he was calling the baby our friends little boys name and saying “I love you” and then it became “I am the Daddy, I need to take care of my baby!”  It was so cute.  He fed his baby.  He rocked his baby, he read him stories, he shook baby toys in front of him, he let him rest while ‘Daddy’ ate dinner, even checked on him in the middle of dinner, and told Allie to shush the baby was sleeping.  It was absolutely the sweetest thing to watch what he has learned from us!  THEN – Andy came wagging a blanket and blue bear at me!  I wrapped it up, Noah sweetly handed over the bottle and Andy fed his baby too!  It was so cute to see our little boys playing with their babies.  Some day I think they will be just as good with their little babies as their Daddy is with them! :)DSC_0709

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