Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome October!

I am SO happy it is October. It is my all time favorite month. I always get so excited about the coming holidays. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween. I love orange. I love the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin. I love carving pumpkins. I love pumpkin patches. I love dressing my boys in overalls and white shirts and taking their pictures in the pumpkins. And this year, I am so excited to get to celebrate Andy's birthday in my favorite month too! And on my favorite day of the month, the 8th! It just cannot get much better than that!!!

I am so looking forward to the next few months. October: Andy's birthday, my parents 40th wedding anniversary, our family reunion, hopefully a visit with more family, and Halloween... November: Josh's 30th birthday, hopefully going camping, the Nutcracker Market, and Thanksgiving... December: My Granddads birthday and CHRISTMAS! Need I say more? January: New Years and Noah's 3rd birthday! I LOVE this time of year! I love birthdays, I love celebrating those I love, and I love spending time with family - it is an all around Win!:)

So....the other night, Noah was tired, but once we put him in bed he was being talkative. Josh and I have both grown to know that when Noah gets to be talkative, even at bedtime, we should listen. You NEVER know what this child is going to say! Josh took Andy out of the room and Noah asked me to lay down on the floor next to his bed and put my head on the pillow that we have sitting there for reading on. I did as asked. He then sat right up and said "Mama need a blanket?" I said, "I'm okay sweetie, thanks for asking though!" He replied, "No, no, Mama needs a blanket." Noah proceeded to reach down, pull his own blanket off of himself and lay it across me. I about melted, how can you say no to that! So there I lay, on the big reading pillow, covered with his lightning McQueen blanket anxiously awaiting the crazy things he is about to tell me. Because let me tell you, it is ALWAYS good. I guessed he sensed my emotion over him putting the blanket on me. He reached over and kissed my hand, which was resting on his arm. He then said "Noah makes Mama's heart happy!" I said, "oh yes sweetie, you make Mama's heart very happy. Sharing your blanket and wanting to spend time with me makes me so happy." So I asked him, "Noah, what makes your heart happy?" His response "When Grampy buy Buzz Lightyear and pay for it." I wanted so bad to laugh. It was such an honest answer, but miles from what I wanted to hear. I told him, "Yes Noah, that would make you happy. Buzz is a lot of fun. Are there other things that make you happy?" Noah responded "Yes, if Grampy buy another Buzz Lightyear!" So I explained that things other than toys can make our hearts happy. Wondering if this explanation would be understood by my little 2 1/2 year old. He sat and thought and responded "Kisses make Noah's heart happy!" I thought, aha! We are onto something!!! I asked him, "Who kisses you to make your heart happy?" I thought I might hear Mama, Daddy, Granny, Grandma Judy, Grampy, know, something along those lines. But nope...Noah replied "Sally* makes my heart happy, Sally kiss Noah." Wowsers, I about lost it laughing at that moment. You see, Sally is a little girl from Noah's MDO. Noah talks about Sally ALL the time, her pink basketball shirts, what she had for snack, what she drank, what they played with. Needless to say, I think we are in for it! It may be that Sally is just nice to Noah and he realizes this...but it sure seems hilarious to me that he is so taken by the fact that she kissed him!!!

*name changed, in case Sally's Dad ever reads this (doubtful, yes), because I sure do not want to get my 2 1/2 year old in any kind of trouble!

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Super Wise said...

Love it! Look out Sally!