Monday, October 12, 2009

Andy's First Birthday!!!!

October 7th....the day before Andy's first birthday:)

Andy's first birthday definitely ranks up in some of my favorite days ever. We had such a good day. Playing, laughing, opening presents, cooking, and eating cake. It was so fun!

Josh had a big meeting Friday, so he was sadly unable to take the day off. We talked to him on the phone during breakfast so he could wish his littlest boy a happy birthday, then we packed up and headed out to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco. It is a fantastic zoo. Small enough that it was not overwhelming. Being that it was a Thursday, it was pretty empty too, which made for a relaxing and fun time.

Andy riding in the front of the stroller, looking back at me :)
Probably thinking, "Are you still there Mom?"

Noah and the really cool teepees. He definitely thought those were fun!
Much bigger than ours at home!

Andy pointing at the jaquar. SO cool.
Any time you ask Andy, "Andy are you one?" He proudly holds up one finger. Except on his birthday! I asked him about twenty times how old he was and NOTHING! Then the next day, I asked him and sure enough, up went that little finger!!! Here is my Mom and Andy in the aquarium, one of the twenty times I tried to get Andy to do it!

On October 7th we did a rare thing and let Andy have an early gift! We thought it was best for him to play with it a bit prior to Noah seeing it, otherwise he might not have gotten a turn. Here is that present....

Andy was about as excited as I was! I had NO idea my Dad had designed and made this for Andy. I also had no idea Andy could get on and off a toy like this without falling and proceed to know exactly how to make it "fly!" It was so cute to watch him so quickly figure it out and squeal with joy! Needless to say, both boys LOVE this and play with it many times a day each!

Andy and the craftsman:) Oh - and if you can tell, there is writing on top, it says ART (for Andy's initials) and 08, for the year he was born!
Josh and I got Andy a couple of fun toys. One of which is this ball popper that most little ones seem to have. Noah plays with it at all our friends houses and when he and Andy opened it, Noah yelled "like everybody has!" The boys have had so much fun playing with it. Andy got so wrapped up in the fun, he started standing without holding onto anything, which was a first!!!
On October 7th Andy took one step. He repeated that the night of his birthday!
For Noah's first birthday he got a red chair from my Granddaddy. Andy loves that chair. Here he is showing off his new blue one, just like his brothers!!!
Andy excited over another one of his presents!

Andy picked his cupcake up and took a huge bite, like he knew just what to do!
It was SO cute!!!

Finger licking good!!!

My other two boys:)

Happy First Birthday Andy! We love you!

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Super Wise said...

looks like a success! We need to go to the zoo some day we love it there. Thanks for sharing all the pics.