Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our pirate and our little walking boy!

Noah's MDO class had their Halloween party today. He was SO excited to wear his Captain Feathersword pirate costume today. He woke up many times last night wanting to know if the sun was awake so he could go to school to the party! All the kids were so cute all dressed up. Noah really was tickled by it all. They even trick or treated the other class rooms.

Andy is really trucking now!!!!!
He made it up to 20 steps earlier today!!!!!

A funny story...Noah fell out of a chair earlier this week (no, that is not the funny part...) once he was happy we got out his Lightning McQueen ice pack to put on the side of his head where a huge knot was coming. He was sitting on the couch with it on his head and Andy crawled over. It took me a minute to realize what Andy was doing, but I busted out laughing when it dawned on me...Andy was holding one of Noah's little matchbox Lightning McQueen cars up to his temple....he was being just like his big brother. It is so cute to see them together, especially when they want to be just like one another:)

We hope you all have a very happy Halloween!!!