Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy First Birthday Andy!!!

Our Sweet Andy...
One Year Old and full of laughter.
Trying so hard to walk.
Eleven months old.
So excited to try big boy things! Like riding in this wagon!
Ten months old.
Learned to throw his arms in the air when you say "How big is Andy!"
Talking a lot more...saying block and once he even said basket!
Nine months old.
Learning to clap and play pat a cake!
Drinking out of a straw like a big boy!
Made your second move to a new city!
Eight months old.
Waved for the first time!
Started cruising behind one of big brothers toys!
Seven months old.
Started crawling, sat up on his own and even got his first tooth!
Six months old.
Rolled across the room, sat up in the bathtub unsupported
and reached for Mama to pick him up!
Five months old.
First tastes of real foods, like squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes.
Loved them right away!
Four months old.
A month full of more firsts. Rolled over his left side,
laughed with his brother, and tried rice cereal!
Three months old.
Really honed that sweet smile. Started a new year!
Two months old.
Made your first move to a new city!
Continued to steal every ones hearts:)
One month old.
Smiled for the first time. Stole my heart.
Two weeks old.
Dressed up like a pumpkin for the first time:)
Spent a lot of time snuggling!
Just born. 10/08/08
4:24 pm (24 minutes past the hour, just like your big brother)
7 lbs 3 ozs of sweet baby boy.

Dear Andy,

My sweet little boy. Words cannot even express what you mean to me. When I found out you were coming into this world, I could not understand how I could love another child as much as I loved your brother. The moment the doctor placed you into my arms and I felt your beautiful soft skin, smelled your sweet smell, kissed your forehead, I knew. I was taken. Completely smitten. You were my sweet little second born son. The younger sibling, just like me. I vowed then and there, to always give you the best chance. To love you with all my heart, just like your brother. To show you that you can do anything you put your mind to. Your Daddy and I have so many hopes and dreams for you and I cannot wait to hear what hopes and dreams you will come up with. Especially those I cannot even think of. You surprise me every day. From the deep looks you give, to your gentle touch and your soft spoken little voice. You give out hugs and kisses every time I lift you up. You love your brother so dearly. Even at such a young age, the way you chase after him and squeal with delight and how you hand him the toy you were playing with. It makes me so happy to see you loving him as your Daddy and I do. You are so special to me. I love you so dearly and although I am sad to see the true baby times go, I cannot wait for all the adventures we have ahead. Happy Birthday, my little Andy-Man:)

love, Mama

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