Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

On Wednesday before Thanksgiving we started our drive towards Coahoma, Texas to visit Josh’s grandparents and his Mom’s side of the family. Our week of reflecting on thankfulness started with a moment of great thanks for my van and the DVD player it has!!! Smile It really made the trip a bit easier. I thought it would be fun to surprise the boys with a new movie. I purchased the movie Santa Paws. I thought it was super cute, but Noah did not at all. In the movie there is a lady that runs an orphanage wearing green and she is not very nice. Noah found it to be pretty scary! Andy wanted to keep watching it though. I was surprised by the G rating with the dark content it had! Once the movie was over the boys took a nice long nap. They woke up about the time we made it to Abilene. We met Josh’s folks there for dinner at Cracker Barrel. YUM. It was a great place to stop, the kids got to look at the toys and stretch their legs and see their grandparents too! Noah was really really funny. Over a year ago on a camping trip Noah watched Bolt with Darren. In that movie there is a “green eyed monster” that really freaked Noah out. There is a theme here, Noah getting freaked out and the character being green or wearing green! Needless to say, we check all movies now on Focus on the Family and read all about content first! Anyways, the MOMENT Noah saw Darren, probably because he was so freshly freaked out by Santa Paws he informed Darren “I do not want to see that green eyed monster again, that movie is rated POG.” I had the hardest time containing my laughter. It was so funny. Noah’s chest was all pumped up and he was VERY adamant. Darren was so sweet and told Noah that movie could go in the trash and no worries they did not have to watch it again. Noah really is so funny!!!

We made it to town and were able to go over to Josh’s cousins house to visit and let the kids play. It was nice to let them get some energy out after being cooped up in the car!

The next day we went back out to their house and the kids go to ride their pony! Noah was very into it and did well, but Andy just seemed to be a natural. He wanted to be right up in the ponies face, touched his hooves, rubbed his back, and even seemed to be shifting his weight when riding. It was fun to watch both the boys!






The rest of Thanksgiving day was really nice. We had a really nice meal and spent the rest of the weekend visiting with cousins, playing, and watching movies. It was so nice to spend that time with Josh’s grandparents. They are really neat people!!!

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