Friday, November 19, 2010

MDO Thanksgiving Program

This year I was SO excited and so nervous about the Thanksgiving program at the boys school!  Last year parents and grandparents were invited…when Noah spotted us he burst into tears.  He watched the program from our lap.  I was really hoping not to have a repeat of last year.  Noah had a springtime program last year and did fine…but this year Andy was part of the festivities too!  The school has a lot more students this year, so only parents were invited, so Josh and I sat and hopefully waited to see our two sweet little boys…this is how it went…


We saw Noah peeking out the doorway, you could tell he was SO excited to see us!  Happy, not said!  WAHOO I thought!  It looked like he was holding another little one’s hand…


Here comes our cute little pilgrim!  He told us he was going to be a “pilgram in the progrim!”  :)


“OOOH!” I thought!  That little hand he was holding, it is his baby brother!!!!  You could see the look on Noah’s face “Where’s my Mama and Daddy?”  I was frantically waving as my heart pounded thinking “Andy stay there with bubba, no crying, k?”  But all that hoping worked out!  Andy spotted us…


…looked to his brother to make sure all was okay….


…Noah kept walking taking Andy along with him….


…And there they were.  My two little boys…on the left hand side.  Among all their little friends ready to perform.  ….sigh…..



Our two big boys.  They did such a great job!  So cute.  I love our little indian and “pilgram”!


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